Easter Egg coloring or dyeing brings back so many memories

I can still smell the vinegar of that day!

While there is always the tried and true store bought kit, there are many more creative homemade versions we wanted to share to brighten up your Easter time celebration.  All you’ll need is vinegar, food coloring, crayons, vegetable oil, stickers, rubber bands, colored tissue paper and glue, gold leaf paper squares, and a few  more items based on your mood and creativity.  And while you can always hard boil the eggs, I really prefer the “blow out” method, because once all of the egg insides are removed, they can be used for an omelet or casserole, while the shells last for several years!

Here are some of our faves:

  1. Tissue Paper Dyed eggs
  2. Crayon Eggs
  3. Marbelized Eggs
  4. Gold Leaf Eggs

Listen here for more on how to do it!

This gold covered, hollowed out/blown egg, filled with chocolate and a dash of tequila gets my vote!