Terrifying But Simple DIY Halloween Wreaths

Here’s how to make scary Halloween wreaths for a spooky and terrifying accent to your home inside or out all season.  Most are much simpler to make than you would believe from looking at them. If you want to easily create a thrifty yet frightening splash on your home’s entryway for Halloween, check out these clever DIY wreath ideas:

Eyeball Wreath

This wreath has an overwhelming creepiness factor, but you won’t believe how easy it is to make! After spray painting a grapevine wreath black, you need only hot glue the eyeballs wherever you please. Check out this tutorial for the tips and tricks.

Ghastly Glitz ‘n’ Glam

This one is a touch spooky and a bit glamorous. It’s also rather simple for such an elegant look: first, add some mummy wrapping using strips of linen (this is a great moment for recycling!) and affix fabric flowers using hot glue. You can add rhinestones and pearls for the glamorous look. Find out more info on this wreath here.

An All-Black Affair

This is another elegant wreath thanks to its all-black design. We love its overall simplicity with a touch of drama found in its heavily embellished bottom. Find out how to make your own over at A Crafting Fool.

Something Witchy This Way Comes

Make a wreath that looks just like a witch! It’s a bit more involved than the previous featured wreaths, but it looks oh-so cute! Find out how to concoct your own hanging witch here!

The Goofy Green Monster

Another cute wreath that looks much like a monster, we can’t get enough of this clever and fun design. It has a fun texture thanks to the myriad of pinecones, and is easy to boot!

Papered Flowers

This wreath of paper flowers is beautiful with its sublime look: weathered, old paper flowers–made from paper plates! It’s mostly the color of a creamy drink of coffee, but you’re free to jazz it up with colored embellishments  with cookie sprinkles.

Fiendish Felt

We love the look of this felt wreath. It looks absolutely wonderful and simple, featuring one solid color. Use orange felt for a seasonal look, and add the finishing touch with a scary spider!

The Raven

Here is an extremely simple and cheap wreath DIY: simply get a grapevine wreath, spray paint it black and add some moss. Finally, throw a crow in the center and call it a day! You can find all these materials at the dollar store. Check out the wreath here!

A Reptilian Wreath

We love Martha’s Medusa-inspired wreath, overflowing with spooky snakes! This one is also pretty simple for having such a dramatic and effective look.  And you won’t have to spend much, either.