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  • Romantic dining – you got this
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I’m here to help. If your drain’s clogged, I’ll tell you how to unclog it. If you need to hire a contractor, I’ll tell you what questions to ask. And if you want to give the love of your life a romantic evening she’ll never forget I want you to think of me as your virtual wingman.

You got this

My all-purpose tips will work just as well for an anniversary or even as a gesture of apology.  And while a diamond necklace might be equally suitable for these occasions, my idea for a simple, romantic dinner will get you the same results without putting that huge ding in your budget.
Step one: If you have kids, find a baby sitter. Better yet, work out a sleep over exchange with friends. You can pay them back later. This is an opportunity to show her how much you care so careful preparation to make her the center of the universe will give you a great return on your investment.

Step two: Romantic Dining Throw down the gauntlet and issue an intriguing invitation. I want you to really go out on a limb here; write the invitation in poetry. Don’t freak, just think of poetry as a form of code.  The whole point of this exercise in romantic dining is to do the unexpected, so go all in. This is no time to wimp out.

Slip the invitation into her purse or briefcase or leave it on her dashboard or pillow. You can even go old school and send her something in the mail. The point is use your imagination and capitalize on the element of surprise.

TIP: If she happens to be one of those people who keep their calendar packed with events, leave the date open and invite her to help select it.
Step three: Where?  You have choices. You can arrange for dinner at a restaurant, you can order in or you can shop and cook the whole meal. Trust me on this; the food is secondary to your impeccable thought and preparation so go with what you can afford and what sounds like the best time for her.

For romantic dining out, make a reservation. If the restaurant participates you can book your table easily via the Internet using When the big night arrives I want you to bust out the impressive romantic gestures: Help her into her coat, open her car door and pull out her chair. A little pampering will go a long way.
For romantic dining in.  This is entirely within your capabilities. Cooking a meal is not that hard.  

Like construction, there are steps to follow.  Keep the food straightforward, tasty and beautiful to look at.  If you know your way around a grill, pick up some nice meat and have at it. Add a simple menu, then prepare courses in advance and heat them up for serving.  And naturally stick with her favorite foods.
TIP: Clean the kitchen as you cook and plan to clean up the dishes after dinner as well. A pile of dirty dishes is about as romantic as your stinky socks.
If you want to dine in, but stay out of the kitchen, a great meal is as close as your phone.  There are many nice restaurants willing to prepare amazing meals and deliver them to your doorstep.  Put your efforts into setting the mood with an intriguing decor. Plate the food and like magic, you will have the perfect romantic feast.

Step four: Create the perfect romantic atmosphere.  Move the table outside to a patio or balcony, or even set it up in the bedroom. Throw on a nice tablecloth, cloth napkins. Break out the good china and silverware. Think candles, flowers and a romantic music playlist to run in the background. If you have a fireplace, light it up.  Start the evening with a first-rate bottle of wine or champagne poured into crystal glasses and end it with something sumptuously chocolate.

Step five: You’ve made it this far; bases are loaded. Now it’s time to hit one into the bleachers. This is the most important part of the equation; you want to give her your full attention. Let her direct the conversation and practice being a good listener. There’s nothing more romantic than having someone hang on your every word.

Hopefully, your evening will score big. The fact that you made this astonishing effort should insure that.  And if you think you only need to do this once… I say think about once a month… or once every three months… but definitely not less than once a year.

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