Is your home on Airbnb? Here’s how to keep guests happy.

Airbnb has revolutionized the hospitality industry by making it easy for average people to rent out extra space in their homes for guests. Over 500,000 homes around the world are listed on the site, and the service has been a great way for people to earn added income on their homes.

f you’d like to earn a little extra, or even if you’d like to meet people from all over the world, you might be interested in becoming an Airbnb host. Below is a list of tips for making sure your guests stay satisfied and leave you a great review.

Be thorough when listing your space

You’ll want to be as detailed as possible in listing your home’s features as well as a variety of photos of all rooms that guests can expect access to. Make clear any amenities like a coffee machine that might sweeten the deal. You want your prospective guests to have a very clear idea of where they will be staying–this will gain trust as well as make your place seem like a less-risky choice than the competition.

Keep lines of communication open, and answer back quickly

Did you know that giving quick responses will help your rank in Airbnb’s search? Answering fast is encouraged because you’ll make the process of booking run much smoother. Again, you’ll also be building trust by being accessible to prospective guests–and if you’re away from home during your guests’ stay, they’ll trust you to be available should any issue arise.

Put some effort into personalizing your guests’ experience

When you’re speaking with a prospective guest, ask for their preferences for little extras you can leave for their enjoyment. Is there a particular wine or beer they enjoy? Should you have available any particular choices for breakfast? None of this is necessary for giving guests a place to stay, but going the extra mile helps for their satisfaction. You can also make a guide of places in the neighborhood they might be interested in checking out.

Keep stock of essentials your guests might need

Do you have enough toilet paper? Do you have extra toiletries in case your guests forget or lose theirs? It may also be a good idea to have an umbrella or two on hand for your guests to use. Consider the things you’d hate to lose while on vacation, and have a few extras for your guests just in case.

Give your guests space

Will you be home while your guests are staying? Do you rent only while you’re away yourself? Make sure your guests understand whether they have the place to themselves before they arrive.

If you are in the house, respect your guests’ privacy–because they’re in your home, they’ll likely be cautious and respect yours. Don’t rummage through their things, and if you have to move something that doesn’t belong to you, be sure to tell its owner where it’s been moved. Stay away from wandering around in your underwear; if you wouldn’t do something in public, don’t do it in communal space.

Keep clean and ensure everything works

Inspect all appliances, radiators and plumbing. It’s unacceptable for these not to work, and guests are likely to complain if the toilet overflows or the shower runs cold.

Tidy up any room that a guest will see, and make sure you have no pests or infestations. Imagine yourself as a guest: what would make you uncomfortable staying in someone else’s home?

Leave a review

Reviewing is an important part of Airbnb, so both parties can gain repute in future arrangements. Leave an honest and thoughtful review of your guests, and they’ll be encouraged to do the same for you.

Your guests will also review you as a host. If they raise an issue, reach out and see if there’s any way you can fix it and remain polite. Try to learn from each experience and consider what can be improved next time. Soon, you’ll be the favorite place to stay on your block!