Tragedy Remembered

Ted Mackel, Gary Belzman and Glynnis share their experiences when Southern California experienced that powerful 6.7 earthquake known as “Northridge” early in the morning. The 6.7 Magnitude Northridge Earthquake struck early in the early morning of January 17, 1994 at 4:31 AM. It was one of the most expensive natural disasters in US history, with total damage estimated at $15 billion. The death toll of 57 and 1500 serious injuries is considered low for a quake of this size in a heavily populated area. This was one of the best prepared areas in the world. Most people were safe in their beds at the time of the quake, reducing the casualties. Building codes required earthquake resistant designs that prevented outright collapse in almost all cases.

For Ted he was a father of a baby with instincts to run and get him to make sure he’s safe.

For Gary, he was supposed to be house-sitting a home in the epicenter, but instead spent the night an hour away and still felt a violent side to side shake. And for Glynnis, she remembers surviving for days without food, and power, spending time in public parks where the community did what it could to rebound. Are you ready?

Photos taken from a listeners house in Woodland Hills after the Northridge Earthquake: