Go Green and Get Your Money Back

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If you live in L.A. County , you have a chance to get $2,000 back in a rebate for doing some simple things that you have already done and don’t realize – things that save energy and make your home more efficient.   Some of the DIY steps homeowners can take to qualify include:
Have you replaced your lawn with drought tolerant plants?

Installing proper attic insulation

Wrapping water heaters

Changing light bulbs to CFL bulbs

Adding low – e film on single pane windows

Weather stripping

Adding aerators to faucets

Changing showerheads to high performance kinds

Installing a weather-based controller for sprinklers

Installing CO detectors

Having a recycling center near the sink

Painting with low VOC paint

Replace furnace filter with MERV 6Plus

Compost and recycle garden trimming on site

Wrap  exposed hot water pipes with insulation

Install a gas shut-off valve

Janine Kubert, with Build It Green, talks about how the program works, where the money comes from and how  youcan qualify for this rebate, and potentially an $8,000 rebate for doing more things to  make your home energy efficient.  And we hear from a couple Robert and Monica Fortunado,  who share how their home is not only greener now that it’s Green Point Rated, but it’s more comfortable as well as net zero – meaning they pay NO utility bills and in fact get a check back from their utility provider!


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