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About Wine Cork Art

I love pairing up something that needs to be repurposed with a great idea. I especially love it if I can DIY – do it myself. While surfing the net recently I came across a wonderful decorating idea for giant monogram letters using wine corks at GreenIsUniversal-Reuse. If you have a bunch of wine corks taking up space…

I loved this idea so much that I went right to work on trying to find a great supplier for the wood letters that are used for the base of this great looking project. In doing so I found a large selection of wood cut-outs in a variety of shapes at You can use letters or shapes. I found a wonderful musiccal note. Using the same principal as the monogram letters, I can make a lovely wall decoration from my old wine corks with a musical theme.

Wood Cut Out (approx. 8” x ⅛”)
Hot Glue Gun and glue
Wine Corks (80-100)
Picture Hangers
X-acto Knife

Cover your workspace with newspaper. Then take some time and sort through your wine corks. Wine corks often have pretty designs and words on them. Set aside the more decorative ones for the outer edge.

Plug in the hot glue gun and start adding each cork one by one. Place a dot of glue on the bottom and a strip halfway up the side. Then place it on the board making sure to glue each cork snug together. You may have to cut some corks in thirds to fill in some spaces. If so, carefully take your X-axto knife and slice a few of your corks. As you work your way around the board wait a few seconds between each one to let the glue set.

Once the entire board is filled, shave off those unsightly little glue strands with the X-acto knife. Then take your picture hanger and attach it to the back of the board. This is so simple and so inexpensive you may want to spell out a favorite word or make them as gifts.
Other Wine Cork Fun:

Place Card Holders From Belle Maison

The Belle Maison blog, by Julie Thigpen, showcases a number of great recycling uses for old wine corks including this simple, but elegant, idea for place card holders.

Attach a wine cork to a bag of mulling spices so it floats.
From New England Fine Living

This blog includes instructions for wine cork napkin rings, wine cork coasters and using a wine cork to decorate a bag of mulling spices. The cork is useful, too, allowing the spices to float on top of the mixture for easy removal.

The Wine Enthusiast Catalog has a number of kits for transforming your used wine corks into fun and functional items.

This should take care of all those wine corks cluttering up the drawers… now if I could just find a use for extra-large rubber bands!