The princess room is practically a right of passage for little girls, and there are some tricks to getting the décor just right!  I was inspired by my co-host Eric Stromer’s Daddy daughter dance photo to create a concept for a Princess-themed girl’s room that would open up a world of creativity, color, and playfulness for your special little girl.

Here are my five best ideas to bring magic to your little girl’s princess themed room:

Pretty in Pink: Princess Bedroom Tipsfather daughter three2

1. The Color Pink

No girl’s bedroom is complete without a touch–or a huge splash–of PINK.  A pink princess room should come equipped with pink floral bedding, pink ruffled curtains, and perhaps even a pink tea party table or dress-up table.

2.  Princess-Themed Elements

When decorating your daughter’s room, make her feel like a true princess with some special themed elements, like a whimsical bed canopy.  You can purchase these at many home stores, or make your own from any light gauzy fabric. If your daughter is still in a crib, you can also add a tulle crib skirt. Finally, a jewel-encrusted chandelier will really make your princess feel special.

3. Star Projector

With a star projector in her room, your daughter will have no shortage of stars to wish upon.  Let the princess in your life sleep peacefully under the stars and drift off dreaming about the bright, sparkly universe.

4. DIY Wall Decals

A wall decal brings a modern flair to a princess room.  You can easily DIY a wall decal using contact paper, using the method shown here. Let your daughter join in, and the project will take half the time and be a great activity! My favorite decals are the ones with inspirational phrases like “Dream Big,” and “Reach for the Stars.”

5. Chalkboard Paint

I’m seeing a huge trend of Chalkboard Paint in kids’ rooms.  It’s a great way to let your child be creative with color, without ruining your walls! If they’re going to draw on the walls, you might as well be prepared!  In a princess room, consider supplying pink and purple chalk to match the rest of the room’s furnishings. Be sure to listen to Eric explaining how to paint with chalkboard paint in our latest episode of Home Wizards!

Let the Princess Reign Over her Palace…ehem, Bedroom

My last tip…Eric and I both grew up constantly changing the look and feel of our own rooms, and found it to be a great way to express ourselves.   Give your daughter these ideas, but let her dictate the final decorating concept. She is, after all, a princess!  

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