Learn everything you need to know, from food to safety, with these Pool Party Tips.

Pool parties are great fun for both kids and adults.  You get to splash around in the water and keep cool on a hot summer day along with a bunch of other people. If you have a backyard pool, you are in luck. You can also rent pools at hotels, at the Y, or the club, so anyone can have a pool party.  The following are pool party tips that will make the event memorable.


You don’t really need to have a theme for a pool party, because the pool is the theme. But using a different theme will pull everything together and make it easier to host. Having a Hawaiian Luau with grass skirts, hula dancing, and a roasted pig with lots of flowers is a wonderful theme for adults. Adults and older kids will enjoy a beach party where you can dance to the beach boys and eat pizza and chips. Younger kids will love a pirate party where they walk the plank doubling as the diving board and have a treasure hunt. 


A pool party is great fun, but before it happens, it takes some preparation to make sure guests are safe and happy.  Always supply extra towels for those that forget theirs or that inadvertently dunk their towels in the pool.  Roll towels up and store them in large baskets away from the pool. If you only have a small shady area you might want to erect a rented tent canopy or get extra umbrellas to set around the pool. That way guests don’t go running for your house when they need a rest from the sun. Put pool furniture all around the pool and make sure there is enough seating for guests. A rental company can supply more. Inflate all beach balls and rafts prior to the party and let them float in the water for guests. If it is a really hot day, supply spray bottles with water in them. Place them in buckets of ice and guests can sprits themselves with cold water. 


String twinkle lights or paper lanterns around the area for a festive look for a night party. Cover picnic and other tables with brightly colored beach towels instead of tablecloths.  Place seashells in clear glass bowls for centerpieces. Use grass skirts to go around the bottoms of serving tables and situate real palm trees in pots around. You can also get inflatable palms, but be careful they don’t fly away in the breeze. You can even decorate the pool by filling it with yellow rubber duckies or use floating candles. Just make sure they are all out before swimming begins. 


Favors and give-a-ways can be in different forms and they don’t have to be presented on the table when guests arrive. Get a large basket or bucket and fill it with colorful flip flops in many sizes. Your guests can choose one to take home. You can also put a variety of inexpensive sunglasses in a bowl for guests to choose. Get small sample sizes of sunscreen for guests and put those in a basket on the table. Purchase real or fake flower leis and give them to guests as they arrive. 


The simpler food and beverages are, the better. No one really wants to eat heavy at a pool party anyway. Get the barbecue out and grill hot dogs and burgers along with the fixin’s and a variety of salads.  A taco bar is a great idea for a pool party as is a sub sandwich bar. Guests can serve themselves whenever they want to eat. Another good idea for an adult party is to have appetizers instead of a full meal.  Serve lemonade, flavored ice tea or cans of soda for beverages. If you decide to have alcohol make sure you don’t have friends that might drink too much and get in trouble. That is never safe at a pool. 


Sometimes just swimming is enough for a pool party, but if it starts to get a little boring, you might want to throw in some interesting games to keep the fun going.  Put an inner tube in the pool and have guests try to throw ping pong balls in the middle from the deck. Have a game of water volley ball in the pool.  Water tag is always fun or indulge in a game of Marco Polo.  Separate guests into teams and they have to choreograph and perform a synchronized swimming routine. That can be hilarious. 


There are always safety issues when having a pool party.  It is a good idea to designate several people as lifeguards. These people can be guests that take turns being vigilant during the party or you can hire lifeguards from the local Y. Indicate the pool depth with waterproof tape so everyone knows when the water gets over their heads. Never use pottery or glass for dish or drink ware near a pool. You want to use unbreakable items. 

Pool parties can be great fun, but they can also be a little dangerous. make sure all guests know the rules and adhere to them so your party is fun and memorable for the right reasons. Use these pool party tips to organize a great time for everyone.