What to buy for your pond

A pond comes to life when you bring in aquatic plants or pond plants that give it that natural, rich and lush feel that not only adds beauty and texture to your water feature, but works with nature to keep it clean and algae free! Here are my Cindy Best Pond Plants Shopping favorites to take with you when looking for great ways to add nature to your water garden. Keep in mind there are three key types of pond plants that you want and need because they all serve a purpose: Marginal or Bog Plants ( soften the edges), Oxygenating Plants ( Submerged under water to filter the water), Floating Plants ( lilies and the – providing shade and protection for fish as well as beauty).

Pond Plant Shopping

Pond Plant Shopping

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Here’s Cindy’s List:

Umbrella Palm
Elephant Ears (Taro)
Kangaroo Paw
Society Garlic
Water Hyacinth
Water Lettuce
Water Lillies
Ground Cover- Scotch Moss

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