You’re in the kitchen, you’re the resident chef – how better to toast your craftsmanship than by personalizing your one of your signature tools: your apron. Here are five great ideas to spice up a plain chef’s apron.

There’s a New Sheriff In Town

By sewing on a sheriff star and two cute matching guns placed on each hip area, you can tell anyone else in this kitchen who’s boss! Just get a western coloring book, cut out the images you’d like, and use them as your sewing pattern to get your very own sew-on patches. Yee haw!

Kangaroo Party

Hop to it! All it takes is a brown apron and a matching, slightly lighter brown semi-circle pouch to make you seem like the cutest little kangaroo in your kitchen. Plus, those roos are onto something – it’s great to have a waist pocket to hold tools when you’re on the move. Just measure across the width of the apron base, divide by two, and subtract an inch. This will be your radius of your pouch pocket. Then, on a piece of large paper or perhaps posterboard, mark a center spot. Then place a ruler with that center point at one end and measure out the radius and mark the paper with a pen. Then, holding the pen at the same mark, swing the ruler in a circle for a few passes to get a nice semi-circle pocket outline. Cut your lighter brown fabric to match this shape & then attach! Voila! Kangaroo party!

Little Bow Peep

Cut out two 4×4 squares from a fabric that matches your base apron. Then add a cute fringe of a ribbon on top of this, with the tiniest hint of a bow “peeping” from the top. Voila! Cute & simple!

Iron-On Letters

Iron on letters from a craft store are a cheap way to make your message heard! Here are some messages that made us chuckle:

-Hotter Than My Oven
-Barbecue King / Barbecue Queen
-It’s Not Burned… It’s Extra Crispy

Train Conductor

How cute would it be to have a train apron? Pick a deep blue base apron, then sew a wide ribbon in down the front and in an arch as the neck for the apron – this is going to be the “train track”. Then, like in the sheriff example above, get a coloring book that is train-themed, and cut out a train to use as your pattern to cut out a matching train from your favorite fabric. Then put your train on the track. For good measure, you can iron on the letters “All aboard!”

Big Kahuna

How cute would it be at your next barbecue if you had a lei around your neck? This one is super simple – just take silk flowers from a crafting store, like a Michael’s – and then affix around the center of the apron, as if you had gotten Hawaiian lei’d. Hang ten, Big Kahuna! You’re ready for your next luau, DIY style.

Enjoy these and don’t be afraid to be creative! It’s another way to show off your style, whether inside or outside the mixing bowl. If you do make one, share a pic! We’d love to see it.

Happy cooking,

Cindy and Eric.