Using the foundations of feng shui, a pet owner can establish a great, tasteful home for his or her pet.

Feng shui is the study of setting up a home to balance mind, body, & spirit. Pets, because they rely on instincts, can benefit just as much as humans because as any pet owner can tell, a pet is happiest when a home feels right. Here’s some tips so you can better organize your home so it’s not just utilitarian but also fashionable and tasteful.

  1. Dog and cat furniture doesn’t have to be an old bean bag or a scratching post. Choose pet furniture that’s as tasteful with as all your other decoration choices. When buying pet furniture, pick pieces that blend with your own furniture. Make the room feel complete. Ideally, you can find pieces that, if you were to have a cocktail party or friend over, you’d be comfortable keeping out.
  2. Households get hectic, especially once kids get involved. Make a place for your pet so they can retreat from the high energy of the household but still be a part of the family. Perhaps a piece of furniture you can put at the edge of your couch so it’s out of the way but your dog or cat can still be in the room while feeling the security of their own personal spot.
  3. Pick pieces that are functional and then some. Perhaps opt for a cat nook, a fabric covered box, whose fabric matches your own furniture so it looks good for you and at the same time has a cat toy – like a feather – so your cat is happy, too.
  4. A happy pet benefits everyone. When pets are left at home alone, they can feel nervous, scared, or insecure – and that’s when trouble starts! Pets take out their feelings on your property – a shredded pillow, a pair of shoes, a favorite armchair leg or armrest. Crate training is a great tool to help dogs feel secure. Just put a crate for the dog in your home and keep the dog in the crate when you’re away so he or she feels safe and secure. When you get home, he or she can come out and play – just remember to keep the door to the crate open so again, the dog can retreat if the household starts to get too high energy for comfort.

Comfort, security, and safety are what makes pets feel at home. And good paw shui does just that.