What We Learned from the Showcase House!

Make Your Yard – A Courtyard

How do you find inspiration to make your yard something more than that? Landscape Designer Cassy  Aoyagi with Form LA Landscape design talks about how she turned a 1920’s outdoor space into something that has multiple outdoor “rooms” and destinations for a chance to entertain, relax, dine and enjoy the outdoors!  Cassy shares how we can create that destination feeling in our own yard so it taps into our senses and not only provides a great patio and surface area but great plantings in ground and in containers along with accents that pop. Welcome to the Andalusian Courtyard at the Pasadena Showcase House, one of the most magnificent and biggest Home Tours in the country.


Pasadena Design House

Pasadena Design House

A Livable Living Room – Pasadena Showcase Style

We all have that area where we want to hang out, relax, but also share time with those we love – the living room.  It is one of the most important rooms in the place we call home.  Often it’s the place where we entertain guests and spend time together.  But how do we decorate and design this important area?  Designer Albert Janz talks about how he worked his magic on the major Home Tour  – the Pasadena Showcase house and how we can infuse our own sense of style to our own Living Room.


How Many Colors To Include In Your Palette?

When you find that perfect color for your walls the next challenge is how do you make it work and flow with other colors throughout the place you call home?  Sara McLean Designer and Color expert for Dunn Edwards Paint, shares how the palette for the Pasadena Showcase House/ Home Tour came to be and what we can learn from it in terms of colors that last, and colors that flow room by room. Plus, fyi, stay tuned for 2013, and yellow which is expected to be THE color.


That Small Hall Bath – What To Do

We can all relate to a bathroom that is that small hallway area that lacks space but we want it to look great. Designer Alicia Friedmann talks about her ideas to make a space fresh and updated plus materials and colors to consider to make it an oasis for everyone.


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