To Cindy and Eric, Home Improvement is Life Improvement and that is what Home Wizards is all about!  This fun and dynamic duo make any topic tied to the home interesting, approachable and entertaining!  With a chemistry that connects with the audience, Cindy and Eric share stories from personal experience while making all things home attainable, whether it’s a DIY project or hire it done! Listeners say this show is not only part of their weekend routine, but is life changing encouraging them to try new ways to enjoy home more!

Listen here to our sample of Cindy and Eric in action and explore how Home Wizards can become a partner with your station to grow your weekend audience, and also provide content support to your weekdays and website as well to keep the audience coming back for more!

Here’s a sampling of the kinds of topics Cindy and Eric Talk about:

Design – Now We’re Styling’

  • Finding Your Inner Style Inspiration
  • What Your Wardrobe Says About Your Home Decor Style
  • Creating a Home that Reminds You of Home
  • Man Caves
  • Chick Spaces
  • Just for Kids
  • Just for Mom and Dad – Romantic, Relaxing Spaces
  • Home Offices
  • Bathrooms
  • Kitchens
  • Living Rooms
  • DIY
  • Showcasing Great Designers
  • Tours of Homes that Reflect Unique Architecture/Style- (Craftsman, Modern, Spanish, Ranch etc)
  • TV Show Style – How They Influence Our Home Design- Mary Tyler Moore to Madmen
  • Feng Shui Living
  • Hotel and Restaurant Design Influence on Our Homes
  • Fab to Funky Finds- How to Shop Like a Designer 
  • Choosing a Color Palette
  • Psychology of Hot Trends for the Home – Who Decides, When They appear
  • Shopping for Appliances

Garden – How Grows It

  • Landscaper to the Disney Parks –Plants That Bring The Magic to The Kingdom to You
  • A Bali Backyard – How to Bring Your Vacation to Your Garden Like This Homeowner
  • Out of This World Succulents – Not Mars But California Cactus Center
  • Water Gardens- From Ponds, to Streams even Lakes
  • The Making of the Rose Parade Floats and Bringing Those Flowers to Your Garden
  • Gardening with Little Water – How to Do It
  • Learning from Great Gardens
  • Seasonal To Do’s and How To’s
  • Fireflies – Lighting Your Yard
  • Zen Gardens
  • Making Your Yard into a Beach
  • Tree Houses
  • Community Gardening in the City
  • Gorgeous Front Yards You Can Eat
  • Edible Gardens and California Cuisine Influence
  • Living Walls and Rooftops
  • Fake Grass – The 50 Varieties That Look  Real
  • Losing The Lawn – Now What
  • Create Your Celebrity Style Media Center/Recording Studio
  • Have a Garden With No Space
  • Using Beneficial Bugs to Win the War in Your Garden
  • Salsa and Salad Gardens
  • Roses
  • Citrus
  • Container Gardens
  • Japanese and Bonsai Gardening

Outdoor Livin’

  • Great Pools
  • Tiki Lounges
  • Your Own Outdoor Movie Theater
  • The New Outdoor Furniture/Fabrics
  • Patio Decks – What’s Hot and Gorgeous
  • Creating Your Outdoor Kitchen – The Must Haves
  • Bringing Music to Your Yard – What’s New in Outdoor Audio Toys
  • Koi Ponds and Water Features

Projects of the Week- We Can Do This!

  • Makeovers in a Day/Weekend-Cheap But Good
  • Painting a Room
  • Transforming Castoffs:–Doorknobs Become a Patio/Broken Plate Ceramics a Deck/Tabletop from Solid Concrete/
  • Small Home Décor
  • Hanging Picture Frames and Art
  • Fixing Broken Tile
  • Changing out Grout
  • Creating a Backsplash
  • Painting Kitchen Cabinets
  • Great Ideas for Shelves
  • Making a Pathway
  • Cleaning Tips
  • Home Maintenance/Seasonal
  • Building a Fountain
  • Make a Kid’s Teepee Playhouse

Clutter and Organization

  • Downsize and Make a Buck – How to host a Garage Sale
  • De-Cluttering Room by Room From Closet, to Bedroom, to Your Home Office
  • Creating Storage in Small Spaces
  • Disaster Garage Makeovers
  • Filing Systems at Home – Going Paperless?
  • How and Where to Donate Stuff You Don’t Need or Use

Going Green

  • Eric and Cindy Energy Audit 3 Homes – Follow their changes
  • How to Boost Your Energy Savings
  • Fume Free/Chemical Free Paints – Yogurt/Clay, etc
  • How to Green Your Bathroom
  • Best Eco Friendly Products – and What’s Greenwashing?
  • Cleaning with Green Products
  • Ways to Go Solar – Is it Worth It
  • Green Kitchen Countertops – From Recycled Glass to Aluminum, and Recycled Paper Composting – The Attractive Way
  • Changing Toilets and Water Heaters to Low Flow and Tank less
  • Efficient Appliances, What’s New How much to Save
  • Greenest Homes of Southern California
  • The Zero Waste Home
  • Eco Friendly Ways to Keep Your Home Cool in the Summer
  • Losing Your Electronic E Waste – Where Does it Go?


  • Unusual Homes
  • Jet Turned into a Home
  • LA Dome House
  • Bomb Shelter Home

Pets and the Home

  • Safety from Toxic Plants
  • Over the Top Froo Froo for Furry Friends
  • Dealing with Pet Messes and Odors at Home


  • Turning a Hill into a Cave for Work or Entertaining
  • Hiring a Contractor
  • Horror Stories with Contractors – Solved


  • Halloween Haunts – Get Your Spooky On ( Matt Fox/other Special Effects How to do it)
  • Hollywood Haunts
  • Holiday Guests at Home
  • Shopping and Caring for a Live Christmas Tree
  • Fake Holiday Trees
  • Energy Saving Holiday Lights
  • Old Fashioned Wreath Making Using Finds in Forest
  • Hanukkah Decoration
  • Easter Décor
  • 4th of July
  • Thanksgiving

Cindy and Eric Bring You With them to the Big Home/Trade Shows/Tours

  • Kitchen and Bath Show – KBIS
  • International Builder’s Show – IBS
  • Consumer Electronics Show – CES
  • National Hardware Show
  • San Francisco Garden Show
  • Design Shows in New York