Cindy Dole and Eric Stromer are refreshing, likable and relatable experts with a unique chemistry that light up the airwaves!  They bring a fun and playful male and female perspective and appeal to all they talk about and make any topic tied to the Home suddenly something you want to try.  As a team, Cindy and Eric not only understand what it takes to make your home a better place, but talk to the

audience as a best friend, empowering them with the information and know-how in a conversational way, while building loyalty.  That genuine style is what makes Home Wizards so popular and has become the most listened to weekend show on KFWB in Los Angeles.

Between Eric’s 20 plus years of experience as a Veteran Contractor turned HGTV and AOL Host, and Cindy’s as a News Anchor and Talk Show Host, together listeners are in for guaranteed entertainment that listeners say becomes their favorite weekend program, never to miss a show.

Cindy and Eric can also help your station with additional content on the airwaves and your website in the form of Weekday Home and Living Tips that may be tied to a sponsor, as well as Video Series that go Viral, Blogs and Article tips for Your Site, and Weekday live interviews with your hosts as the Go To experts when need be.  Plus Cindy and Eric travel the country for the latest in trends and what’s cool for the home, so you can count on outstanding additional content with live remotes that may be provided beyond the Home Wizards presence as Cindy and Eric attend big newsmaker trade shows tied to the home including:

  • The Consumer Electronics Show – CES
  • The International Builders Show – IBS
  • The Kitchen and Bath Show – KBIS
  • The Garden Show – San Francisco

And Cindy and Eric will work with your Sales Team to create compelling programs that are sponsor ready and touch a nerve point with listeners. A case study is the Cindy Kitchen Project that covered 4 months of the Before, During and After of a Kitchen Remodel in Cindy’s own 1950’s home with interviews, and a web video series that has captured upwards of 500,000 views.



Cindy Dole

Home, Garden and Lifestyle Expert Cindy Dole is all about helping you enjoy the spaces you call home and enjoying life! Her enthusiastic, warm and engaging style, with a sense of humor, and signature infectious laugh, make Cindy’s brand a unique blend of Oprah, Ellen, Martha, with a little Paula Deen mixed in. Cindy has a knack for breaking through the mystique of any Home and Garden dream or challenge, rooted in a personal passion that started as a

young girl always redesigning her room, repairing a piece of furniture in the garage or planting something in the garden with Dad, then shopping, cooking and planning the next big party at home with Mom.

Cindy has more than 20 years of broadcast experience in both Radio and TV as an award-winning Radio and Television News Anchor, Reporter and Talk Show Host in Los Angeles and has worked for network affiliates in a number of cities. Named one of the Top 100 DIY Bloggers, Cindy’s articles are syndicated coast to coast by 30 plus Tribune owned TV station websites.

Cindy is an LA native and a graduate in Broadcast Journalism and Communication from the University of Southern California.


Eric Stromer

Eric Stromer is a popular name in Home Improvement first as a 20 Year Veteran contractor and also beloved Host and All Things Home Expert seen on a number of Home and Garden TV shows. When Eric joined Cindy on Home Wizards as a guest, they realized the chemistry and content they could provide together was too good to pass up and not be a regular part of the show. As Co-Host, Eric joins Cindy to not only dish out information, inspiration, techniques and trends but share personal stories and laughs to make the process of home improvement fun.

Eric’s TV career spans everything from HGTV’s “Over Your Head” and TLC’s “Clean Sweep” to AOL and soon A&E. Across the board, Eric is known for his wisdom and wit while helping homeowners on any project you imagine.For the 4th consecutive year, Eric can be seen by tens of thousands of fans daily, giving advice with the very popular web series DIY Life on AOL. Eric’s new show to air on A&E—The Ugliest House on the Block—will profile homes that he and his contractor brother find in need of a major overhaul and come to the rescue.

Eric is also an accomplished author and father of three. His book, Do-It-Yourself Family, is a helpful guide for busy parents, with suggestions for home projects that will not only bring the family together but also buy some quality time for mom and dad.