Installing a Kit in a Day

For as little as $150 or so and just a few hours, you can transform your front or back yard with a kit of outdoor lights and you don’t have to be super handy either. Look at your space as a director looks at the stage and lights not only the actors but the set, the floor, the accents- think in layers. Before you buy your kit – go outside at night and see what you want your experience to feel like: Do you have trees and shrubs? Do you have a pathway? You’ll need enough lights to help with function but also feel and style so your space looks dramatic and relaxing at the same time. And don’t be afraid to mix up one kit of electrical lights with a few solar if you have at least 6 hours of sun in that area. Those work best as special decorative lights that are hard to reach but don’t typically give you as much voltage as standard electric outdoor lights. Remember too that LED outdoor lights will cost a little more but you won’t need to keep replacing the bulbs which is a time and money saver down the road.