Tis the season for getting a yard decked out to haunt, amuse, or spook the kiddies – and maybe you, too! Here are 10 ways to decorate your yard from fun to scary!

1 – Ghosts!!

Get your sheets & hit the yard! With anything that you can hang to stuff inside for a “head” – like that kickball that’s been there forever – or even just hung from the trees using fishing line, ghosts make a spooky yard.

2 – Silly Billy Graveyard

Want to make a cute Halloween yard? How about planting some fake tombstones made of wood & painted gray? You can name them Carmen Sandiego-villain style, with puns like “I.M. Dead” or “Justin Restin” or my personal favorite, “Al Beback”.

3 – Spooky Lantern Looks
You can carve a pumpkin (we have some great 10 step jack-o-lantern guide here) or even just loosely fasten a somewhat see-through white cloth over your lamppost to give it a spooky effect. Just be careful that your spooky creations don’t get too hot – no sense in burning down your spooktacular home and making it double haunted!

4 – Lookout!! Flying Ghost!!

If you want a real flying ghost, you can build one at home using simple tools. But beware! This is a fancy job, and fancy jobs take time. Make sure you start this one with plenty of time before any big event. Here’s a nice how-to guide to make a flying crank ghost.

5 – Cobwebs

These are easy to pick up at the dollar store or a craft store, or even just made out of picked apart cotton. Why not add some to your mailbox, doorway, or around a painted pumpkin?

6 – Scarecrows

You can stuff a shirt and pants to make your own yard scarecrow and either make it scary or silly, your choice. This may work best as a silly one, especially if there are a lot of teeny Trick-or-Treaters in your neighborhood. You don’t want to scare the littlest ones too much!

7 – Scary Sounds

Don’t forget – on Halloween you can amp it up with a little mood music! You can put your favorite scary tunes on in your yard to make it silly – hi there, Monster Mash! – or spooky, with a Halloween CD from the dollar store.

8 – Windows!

If You have access to a projector, why not close your curtains and project scary or silly halloween images or movies onto thewindows themselves? This one is sure to delight, and especially on Halloween Night! No projector? No problem! Just do it “Home Alone” style & cut out silhouettes on cardboard and light them from behind, drawing curtains again.

9 – Witches Brew

It’s easy to find neon glow sticks, and there are usually tons of these at the dollar store. If you can get one, and a plastic kettle to put on your front door, then you can crack a few, toss in the kettle, add a few strands of spiderwebs or cotton fluff and voila! You have a glowing, haunted witches’ brew for your porch.

10 – Hands up!

If you have been to a dollar store lately, you know that there seems to be an abundance of fake hands. Well, how about putting those silly limbs to work? You can make a fake hand digging up out of the yard, or a fake hand on your doorknob, or hey! Why not a dismembered plastic hand checking your mailbox? Silly things like this are fun ways to be creative – and that’s what decorates a yard best!