How to Organize for Your Remodeling Projects

It is one thing to dream about remodeling your home and another to make it happen.
Organize your way to your dream home by keeping everything from your ideas to your remodeling schedule all in one place.

The Notebook
Make a home for everything you want to do for your remodel by keeping all of your ideas, photos and sketches in one place.
This could be a series of files in your computer or you can collect everything in a notebook.

Define Your Objectives
As you look through the list of what you want to do, determine the top priorities.
Is it putting in new flooring? Painting the bedroom? Fixing faulty electric outlets? Or is it putting in new grout in the bathroom? You decide.
Also determine if you need to hire someone or is it feasible for you to do it yourself?

What Is In Your Budget?
Determine the bottom line as it relates to your top remodeling priorities. Get recommendations and look to online reviews for vendors. Once you have figured out who you want to work with, ask to get quotes. Ask upfront if using recycled materials or if pitching in to help with the project yourself can save you money.

Put in on Schedule
There is your schedule. There is your contractor’s schedule. And there is the actual schedule. Keep track of all of them, along with your budget, in that trusty notebook or online tracking system of yours.

Make a List
Your notebook is also a great way for you to keep track of all your vendors, from the electrician to the plumber. List all the names, phone numbers, addresses, and websites of the vendors you are working with and have a listing of those you would like to work with. That way you have easy access if you have a question or an emergency.
Include a place where you can make notes so when you are working on future project you will be up to speed on the rates you were originally quoted and how well the project progressed.

Mission Accomplished
Once you have finished your remodeling project, take time to feel a little smug about what you have accomplished. Make notes on what went well and what was not so successful.
Then start thinking about what you want to do next.