There are probably as many styles and designs for wine racks as there are flavors of wines

About Wine Racks

While wine enthusiasts might long for their own wine cellar, filled with wines from the finest regions. Most of us use wine to compliment food, relax after a hard day or to serve to guests when we entertain. Our storage needs are not long term and therefore form is more important than function. I have a great design for a wine rack that you can make from a recycled fence slat… (Read on.)

There basically two styles of wine rack design. The first is what I call “cubby” style. It’s the type where the bottle lies on its side in a hole or space. The second is the “balancing” style rack where a piece of wood, cut at an angle, balances a bottle of wine by the cork end. While both styles are attractive and save valuable cupboard or counter space, I like the balancing style rack because the bottle seems to float in mid-air.

Old snow skis turned into a balancing wine rack can cost $50-$100. They are fun and colorful. While they look great in a ski chalet, they may not be right for your home. I’ll show you how to recreate this same design principle, using an old fence slat. This design will fit almost any decor.

Supplies Needed:

Fence slat 37” long x 6” wide
Electric drill
Router Bit
Electric jigsaw
Plastic protractor
Tape Measurer
Safety goggles
A 2×4 piece of wood
4 — 1 ⅝” wood screws
Wood Glue


1. First cut the STAND. Use your tape measure to mark your slat 15” from the top. Then use the protractor to measure a70 degree angle. Use the jigsaw to cut this piece with the bottom part of the stand at the 70 degree angle. Cut the remainder of the fence slat to a measurement of 20”. This will be your BASE.

2. On your STAND draw 3 circles 1 ½” in diameter and are spaced 3 ¾” apart down the center. Drill out the holes with your electric drill and router bit. (The cork end of a wine bottle should slide easily into these holes and stay there without falling back out.)
Take the 2×4 and cut its length to be equal to the width of your fence slat or 6’. Using the protractor to measure again, cut a 70 degree angle on the face of the 2×4, about 3” from the end. This will form the SUPPORT block.

3. Fasten the SUPPORT block to the BASE approximately 3” from the front end of the BASE. Use wood glue and two wood screws. Be sure to screw from the bottom of the base UP into the 2×4. Finally, attach the stand to the SUPPORT so that it sits flush with the base and rests against the support at the 70 degree angle. Use wood glue and 2 of the wood screws to anchor it tightly.

4. You can now sand any rough edges and allow the glue to set for at least 24 hours.
Paint, stain or seal the natural finish with urethane, if you wish.
Now, when people say: “Nice rack.” You can say, “Thank you!” Go ahead and make several as gifts.

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