Cindy and Eric were bitten by rose fever at the Rose Parade and you will be too with these new roses for 2014.

After covering this year’s Rose Parade in Pasadena, Cindy and Eric were inspired to add some roses to their garden, and especially to try some of this year’s new rose introductions. You can order some of these varieties online now as bare root plants, often from suppliers who get them from growers in Ecuador. Here are Cindy and Eric’s favorites:

Green Jade. Yes, there really is a green rose! It’s sort of a yellow, lime green that really popped on several parade floats. Green Jade is a popular choice for many bridal bouquets because of how the color looks against a white or cream-colored gown. Picture the green rose in your garden or on your balcony surrounded by creamy white roses.

Tranquility. Speaking of creamy white roses, the Tranquility is a new, fully rounded white rose with an apple-like fragrance.

Royal Jubilee. This new rose has deep, deep pink petals and the bush grows to about 5 feet tall. It has a fruity fragrance, almost like black currant.

The Lark Ascending. It sounds fancy, but these apricot-colored cupped blooms have a varying light fragrance. Some smell like a tea rose with a hint of apricot.

Heathcliff. Heathcliff also is a crimson rose with double rosette flowers that grows vigorously and smells like a tea rose with a hint of cedarwood.

Boscobel.  Boscobel is a beautiful salmon colored rose that turns a deeper color pink every year. It’s good for lining a wall for an informal look or can look formal. The Boscobel smells like pear and almonds.

Don’t be turned off by the appearance of a bare-root rose. It’s a dormant plant that’s sold and shipped without soil. Plant it as soon as you can, which is late winter in warm climates and early spring, or a month or two before the last frost, in colder climates. Soak the bare root in water before planting.

Be sure to dig a hole that’s 18 inches deep and about 2 feet wide. Add some compost to the soil to set the stage for your new rose’s success.