Ditch abrasive, artificial scents for these natural solutions!

Is your home a little stale? It can be difficult keeping things fresh when weather doesn’t permit opening the windows, but we can all use some freshening up around the house every now and then. If expensive aromatherapy products have got you down–or if you just can’t stand artificial scents–we can teach you a thing or two about making your home smell wonderful–naturally! Each solution here is incredibly easy, and frugal!

1. Spray-on Essential Oils

Take any spray bottle and fill it with about 4 ounces of water, and about 10 drops of whatever essential oil you’d like to scent your home with. You’ve got a natural, freshening perfume for your home!

2. Sleepy Scents

Freshen up your bedroom by dipping a cotton ball in essential oil, than placing it inside your pillow case. Try lavender for a calming, wistful sleepytime scent.

3. Electric Scented Candle

Here’s a twist on how we turn to candles for delicious scents: put a little vanilla extract on light bulbs in a room. When the lights are on and heated, the smell of vanilla will permeate through the room!

4. Baking Soda Freshness

Do you have a room that’s dense with odor? Fill a slow cooker with water and mix in a few tablespoons of baking soda, then place the cooker in a smelly room. Run it on low with the lid off, and the baking soda will freshen up the space. Find more of our incredible uses for baking soda here!

5. DIY Room Scents

If you don’t want to use just essential oils for a room scent, mix together some citrus and herbs for a deliciously complex perfume to fill the home with. These stovetop scents are amazing, and can be used quite a few times each. Check out the recipes here.

6. DIY Scented Candles

Want something you can use for ages? Make a collection of scented candles! These French vanilla candles are divine, and you can cook them up in whatever little bowl or container you’d like.

7. Natural Reed Diffuser

This is a super-simple craft. Just mix about 20 drops of essential oil with a quarter cup of carrier oil in a glass container, then throw in a handful of diffuser sticks or bamboo skewers. Flip the sticks every so often to speed up the diffusing process or to refresh the scent.

8. Fresh From the Oven

Don’t you love when the scent of fresh food fills the house when baking? Emulate this by pouring a little vanilla extract into a coffee mug. Put the mug in the oven at 300 degrees for an hour, and your home will smell like fresh cookies!

9. Secret Bathroom Freshness

Dip a cotton swab in your favorite essential oil. Hide it behind the toilet bowl or inside the toilet paper tube. It’ll keep things fresh–and your guests won’t even see the source!

10. Delicious Pine

Collect a basketful of pine cones and bring them indoors. Add just a couple drops of essential oil to each pine cone, and place the basket wherever you need to freshen up. You’ve got a beautiful centerpiece–and a great, fresh scent!