Simple Gadgets for a Helping Hand

Does anyone truly enjoy doing laundry? What if you had a little help from these thoughtful gadgets? They make things easier and will save you money in the process!

Woolzies will eliminate wasteful spending on fabric softener and dryer sheets. They’re also better for the environment than PVC dryer balls and tossing harmful gas inducing tennis balls into the cycle with your clothes. Woolzies are made from New Zealand spun wool and will cut your drying time down by at least 25 minutes. They’ll soften clothes and reduce static cling. Available for $35.99.

If you’re willing to splurge now and save later, the Rotary Clothes Dryer is the perfect addition to your laundry routine. It can hold up to 5 loads of laundry and makes use of natural wind and solar energy to dry your clothes, saving you nearly $100 every year. The spinning technology helps clothes dry even faster than a stationary drying rack! Plus, it’s rust free.