Christmas holiday history

Sugar Plums have gone down in holiday history with the poem “The Night Before Christmas” where they tend to dance in children’s heads. There really were sugar plums. They came about during the Victorian times and were dried fruit squished together with an almond or other nut inserted inside. They were wrapped in pretty colored foil paper and during those times were a taste sensation. Make a modern day version of sugar plums with some ingredients that you would never think goes together. Combining them makes for a wonderful tasty treat that the whole family will love and the best thing about them is you don’t cook them at all. You will have a hard time keeping them on hand.


  • 1 package of sweet dried dates, pitted
  • Peanut butter, creamy is best
  • ½ cup of sugar, or so.

Slightly open the dates but do not pull them apart. Place a glob of peanut butter in the date where the pit should go and smooth it in to make it look pretty. Roll the peanut butter filled date in sugar that has been placed in a bowl. Line a gift tin with wax paper and place the filled and sugared dates in side. If you can make two layers always put a round of wax paper on top of the previous layer. Place another piece of wax paper on top and cover the tin with an air tight lid.

You can keep these out for about an hour before they start to get a little hard and chewy. The tin will keep them soft and fresh for a few days, but they might not make it that long.