Clean & tidy in time for the celebrations

You will spend more time in the kitchen, during the holidays, than you will ever spend unwrapping presents. Home Wizards live to make your life by giving you tips to prep everything from your cabinets to your pantry for Christmas.

Clear the Containers

Eric has a solution for all of those containers that do not have lids or all of those lids that do not have containers. He suggests that you match as many of them as you can to the bottom half. Then he says to put all the extras in the laundry room. If the mate does not show up in a couple of months, toss out that bag.

X Marks The Wine Spot

When you get wine as a gift this holiday season, do your part to be prepared by
customizing one of your cabinets with a wine rack. You can construct the rack with little more than two pieces of shelving.

After you have determined the right length and width, find the middle of the length of both pieces of wood. Make notches with a jig saw so they lock together. Eric says if you cut it correctly there will be no need to glue the pieces together.

For more ideas about DIY wine racks click here.

Pantry Prep

The pantry is a convenient place to store the likes of serving platters, cutting boards and baking sheets, especially when you change your perspective.

The norm is to store them horizontally. Store them vertically and you will open up more space and have easier access.

The trick is to install wood dowels along the bottom of the shelves and line them up like bars in a jail cell. Then make your pantry items prisoners of organization.

Check It Twice

It is helpful to keep grocery lists year round. Cooking and baking throughout the holidays means making a list and checking it twice even more essential.

Keep a list in your pantry. Eric and I both like to keep ours on a clipboard. Just to make sure you always know where it is, store it on a hook. That way you always know where your list is and you will know not to get a dozen eggs when you have 12 waiting patiently for you in your fridge.