for overnight guests during the holidays

Have you ever gone to stay overnight at an out-of-town friend’s house where they threw you in the extra bedroom along with all the exercise equipment and the ironing board? Are they trying to tell you something, like you need to work out or straighten things up or do they just not care? It is probably that they don’t realize that sharing a room with a rowing machine isn’t as comfortable as it could be, especially when you trip over it trying to get to the bathroom in the dark.

Be a better guest by walking into the room where your guests will be staying and looking at it through their eyes. The ironing board may have become a common sight for you, but if you were staying at someone’s house, would an open board bother you? Probably. Make the guest room as comfortable as you can. In most cases you won’t be able to get rid of the rowing machine, but you can compensate with other things to make the room look more presentable and make your guests more welcome.

Put away as much clutter as you can. Scoot those exercise machines to one side of the room where they will not be in the way. You can sacrifice a few days workout for your guests comfort. Take down the ironing board and put it in a closet. Remove any extra clothing sitting around and other clutter and make the room look as nice as possible. Put some pretty sheets on the bed and a fluffy comforter over top. Egyptian cotton is extremely comfortable and you should treat your guests to a comfortable bed. Put on a fuzzy blanket if you live where it gets cold and pile the head board with fluffy pillows. Place a small end table at each side of the bed so your guests can place their glasses and other items there. A small vase with a flower in it makes for a nice touch as does a small carafe of water and cup. A small lamp found at a dollar store will give off some ambience. If you can’t find extra end tables, put some of the clutter from the room in some rubber tubs and place them on the side of the bed. Cover them with matching tablecloths or some unfrayable fabric and use them as a table.

If you don’t have a closet in the room, get a clothing rack. Avoid the cheap ones that only cost about 20 dollars because they are very flimsy and everything falls off of them. Invest about 50 dollars and you will be able to store extra clothing on the rack when you don’t have visitors. If there is a dresser in the room, save a least 2 drawers and keep them empty so your guests have somewhere to put their incidentals.

Either in the room or in the bathroom take a nice bath towel, hand towel and washcloth and fold them up. Wrap them up with a ribbon and a tag so the guest knows that these towels are theirs. Fill a basket with small sample size shampoo, conditioner, soap, lotion and other toiletries and place it in the room or in the bathroom so your guests can choose what they would like to use.

Making your guests welcome and comfortable is very important. It keeps your friends and relatives coming back for great conversation and a good time.