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The Green Label Rebate Program is helping Los Angeles County homeowners get a GreenPoint Rated label for their home. This rebate program is part of Energy Upgrade California in Los Angeles County, which is encouraging homeowners to make energy efficiency and other green upgrades to their homes by connecting them with professionals trained to do the work and providing rebates to help cover the cost. This report card rating system is based on 5 categories from energy efficiency to water conservation and any homeowner who has a green home or is doing a green remodel can apply for the green label rebate of up to2,000 thru 2012.
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Go to to find GreenPoint Raters and contractors in your area and to apply for the rebate. Call our hotline at 1-888-40-GREEN, ext. 602, to ask questions about green remodeling and the rebate program.
Visit to browse our gallery of green homes and get tips on DIY and other green home remodeling projects.

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