Make unique stockings for the whole family.

Dress up the mantel with new digs this year by making your own Christmas stockings for the family! Stockings are a staple of Christmas decor, and making your own is a great family activity that lets everyone show off their taste and personality.

Making the stocking itself is easy. First, fold a half yard of fabric in half, trace a stocking shape and cut two stocking shapes out from the folded cloth. Keeping them together, sew around the shapes but leave the top open. Tuck the top in and hem, then simply turn your stocking inside out. You’ve got a basic stocking base! Now it’s time to get decorating! Here are just a few ideas to inspire you.

1. Vintage-Styled Silhouette Stocking

Silhouette stockings make a beautiful vintage look for the mantle–and they’re very easy to make! Begin by making a stocking base in any color or pattern of your choosing, then set it aside. Turn to your computer, because it’s time to make silhouettes of your loved ones! You can learn how to make silhouettes from family photos here. Once that’s finished, print your silhouette on iron-on paper, then iron to transfer it to your stocking.

2. Twinkling Star Stockings

Make a simple white stocking of wool using a stocking pattern, with a cute lace cuff. Adorn your cuff with cute finishings: different, mismatching buttons in white, cream and browns. In the corner, add a cream ribbon for hanging, and dangle glittered cardboard stars with it.

3. Burlap Coffee Bag stockings

Got a coffee lover in the family? Make them a unique stocking with repurposed burlap coffee bags! Ask your local coffee shop for any leftover, unneeded bags–and check out how to make stockings with them here!

4. Elf Stockings

Making an elf stocking is similar to making a regular stocking as instructed at the start of this post, but with some differences in shape. Make your stocking thinner around the leg/ankle, and put a curl that comes to a point at the toes–just like elf boots! Feel free to attach a jingle bell to the point, and a fun and pointy cuff. Red, white and green is a great palette to use when picking out fabric for an elf stocking.

5. Repurposed Sweater

Okay, so using a repurposed stocking is a little different than the projects above; you won’t just be attaching stuff to your simply-made stocking. But this project is still pretty simple for the gorgeous, unique item you’ll be left with. Check out a tutorial on converting any old sweater into a stocking here.

6. Dress up an already-made stocking 

An already-made, store-bought stocking can still be a great DIY project. Dress up a plain one however you like with fabric paint and glue! Sequins, buttons and cut-out felt shapes are just  few ideas, but if you’re especially crafty you could even sew some patches in with leftover fabric. This is super-simple and a great way to let kids put their unique spin on their stockings!


[Image Source: Burlap Stocking]