These hacks will make any arrangement shine!

Whether it’s Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, a birthday or you’re simply feeling springy, a beautiful bouquet is certainly a panacea–you can’t go wrong with some well-selected flowers. And believe it or not, all flowers are created equal; even cheap flowers can be whipped up into something luxe, beautiful and expensive looking.

Here are some tips to turn any selection of flowers into a beautiful arrangement–no green thumb required! So feel free to pick up whatever you can find at the grocery store!

Throw in some succulents

Succulents are often light on the wallet, and you can use them to fill out an arrangement. In addition to adding some bulk, succulents can be a great way to add texture to an arrangement as well.

Stick to a single color

If you don’t have a great selection to choose from, pick a few flowers that vary on the same color. Of course, include white flowers as well to help fill out the arrangement. Also, note that having an arrangement of just one type of flower is a stronger look than many varieties in a single arrangement.

Get a good vase

If you need to add some flair to your flowers, just add a great vase. Want to do something really surprising? Cut the stems close to the buds and arrange them in a delicate teacup! It’s an easy way to make cheap flowers look inviting!

Put the filler in first

Add the greenery to an arrangement before filling in the flowers. This will strike a better balance, and will make your flowers look amazing.

Less is more

When you’re on a budget, start with flowers that have big heads. You can buy expensive, smaller flowers, but you’ll need less if you begin with big blooms. Use some tissue paper and foliage to complete the bouquet.

Ensure they last

You can ensure your arrangement will last longer (which means truly getting your money’s worth) with some simple hacks. First, cut the stems at 45-degree angles for better hydration. Next, drop a penny in; the copper will serve as an acidifier to prevent bacteria growth. Note that pennies made before 1982 have more copper, and will work better.

Make a tape grid

Here’s a secret to making a beautiful arrangement: scotch tape! No, you won’t be taping stems together; use the tape to make a lattice grid on the opening of a shallow vase. The tape will hold your flowers in place, which means you can create a stunning arrangement with just a few flowers and some foliage.

A vase in a vase

You can accentuate your floral arrangement by putting a small vase inside a larger glass vase. Add citrus slices in the space between the vases with water to let tropical colors truly pop. Using a small vase (or even a can) hidden within a larger one is a great way to let smaller-stemmed flowers take center stage, too.

Buds in a bowl

You only need a few flowers for this beautiful centerpiece or decoration: cut the heads off their stems, and let the flowers float in a nice bowl full of water. The flowers will last, and a whole bouquet can be used this way throughout the home.