What to do with pizza leftovers the next day.

It’s unanimously agreed that pizza is among the top tier of meals. Everyone loves it, and it can be delivered right to your door. But we all know that part of what makes pizza amazing is the chance to enjoy it all over again the next day if there are any leftovers. While so many of us love a cold pizza breakfast, we’ve got some inspiration on how you can kick things up a notch to make your pizza leftovers possibly better than the original meal.

Pizza Waffle

Take any old pizza slice and fold it over, from the smaller tip up to the crust. Cut off any uncovered pieces, and stick your folded slice into a waffle iron. Let it toast, and you’ll have a deliciously crispy treat. Embrace the burnt cheesy crisps, as they’re arguably the best part. If you’ve got any leftover toppings laying around, add them to the pizza before folding.

Pizza Panini

The pizza panini is a great alternative for those whom don’t have a waffle iron. Take two slices and place them atop one another like two slices of bread, so that the topping sides of both slices are touching. Toast it in a sandwich press and you’ve got a fast and easy pizza panini!

Bread Crumbs

Turn old pizza crust into bread crumbs. Cut up your crusts into pieces and grind in a food processor. Add some olive oil for flavor. Sautee, then add to a buttered pan with garlic cloves. Let your pizza live on in future meals!


Stack two slices as you would in the panini recipe above, then cut into squares. Add oil to a pan, and put over medium heat. Throw in your pizza squares once the oil heats up, and watch for melting cheese. Once the cheese begins to melt, flip the squares and cook for another minute. These are great with soup!

Pizza Omelet

This is ingenious and ridiculously easy: peel the cheese and toppings off a leftover pizza and stick it in an omelet pan atop some eggs. Once your cheese is melting, fold it over for a nice omelet.


Some pizza slices chopped into small pieces and added to a pie crust filled with cooked meat, spinach, extra cheese and eggs make for a wonderfully savory breakfast.

Pizza Casserole

Casseroles seem to get a bad rap when it comes to kids, but you can bet that even the pickiest of eaters would love a casserole made from pizza. All you need is some pizza, cheese and a few extra toppings–check out the recipe here.

Cheese and Garlic Sticks

If you’ve got just a slice or two left over from last night’s pizza, your best bet might be to go for a side dish the next day. Cut your slice(s) into strips for dipping into marinara, garlic or butter sauce. Because your strips are small and can be eaten cold, you can take them easily on-the-go.

Pizza Rolls

This is another great recipe if you have other leftovers lying around. Take anything you think would taste great with a pizza–some meat, extra cheese or even some greens–ans put it on top of your leftover slices. Roll it up and pin down with some toothpicks. Add your rolls to a sheet and bake until toasted.

Jazz it up!

All the ideas listed above tell you how to turn a pizza into something else; but maybe you want to enjoy your leftover pizza as, well, a traditional pizza. That’s a fine idea as well! Before re-heating, take some extra toppings you have lying around–peppers, spinach, sausage, BBQ sauce–and add it to your pizza. You can make your new custom pizza as fancy as you like. Just re-heat and enjoy!