Have materials on hand for kids summer crafts when the kids start to get bored.

How many times have parents heard the phrase, “There is nothing to do,” whined by their kids who are on summer vacation from school? It is wise to have certain craft materials on hand for when they are looking for something to do instead of getting into trouble by fighting with their siblings or when you think they have had enough time in front of the TV or computer. Summer crafts for kids can be a great artistic outlet for kids and parents too. Crafts are fun to make and you have something to display after they are done. The following are 10 easy summer crafts that most kids will find easy and fun. 


Have the kids collect somewhat flat and smooth rocks from around the neighborhood. Rocks that are very rough are not suitable for this craft. Have them sit at the picnic table outside or on a covered indoor table if it is raining and provide them with paint brushes, water, paper towels and acrylic paints.  Acrylic paint comes out of clothes if you get to it immediately, but other paints do not adhere to the rocks as well.  Clean the rocks or stones and let them dry.  Use the paints to make pet rocks, garden markers or masterpieces.


Purchase small decorative bird houses made of wood from the craft store. They generally cost about $1 and are plain, unfinished wood.  Use the acrylic paint and brushes to put color on them and then glue on buttons, beads, sequins and other decorative items to make fairy houses. Use waterproof glue if you plan to put the houses in the garden. 


Use the acrylic paint and paint brushes to paint on terra cotta pots.  After the paint is dry, spray the inside and out with acrylic sealer or paint with Mod Podge, found in craft stores. When everything dries, plant some flowers in the pot and put them on the patio or front porch. 


Purchase some inexpensive kid sunglasses and let the kids go to town to decorate them. They can paint them with the acrylic paint, glue on strand of sequins or pearls, affix feathers to them or glue on buttons and beads. 


This is a great outdoor craft that uses bubbles to paint.  Mix 1/2 cup water, 2 tablespoons tempera paint and 2 squirts of dish soap in a small container. Plastic, disposable cups works well.  Put a straw in the solution and start to blow to make bubbles.  Keep blowing until the bubbles come up to the top and almost over the rim of the cup. Take a piece of paper and cover the bubbles. When they pop, they will create a painting. Do this with several containers filled with different colored bubbles. Let the paper dry in the sun and display them in the yard and house. 


Birds can get enough food during the summer, but they might enjoy a change of pace from worms and bugs.  Make a Cheerio bird feeder by threading the cereal onto a pipe cleaner, forming it into a wreath and twisting it together at the top.  String some ribbon through the wreath and tie it to the branch of a tree.  


This craft can be done right at the beach.  Flatten out an area of sand and dig out a shape about two inches deep into it.  Spray with a bottle of water to make the sand damp enough to make the mold.  Use pieces of shells, stones, twigs and seaglass to make decorations in the mold. If you make a fish shape, you can use pebbles or shells for the scales. Press the decorative items securely into the sand face down. Mix 7 cups plaster of Paris with 3 cups of water from the lake or ocean.  It should make a very thick and creamy consistency. Pour this gently into your sand mold until it is a little over half full, or about 1 inch full. Let it sit for about 1 hour. It will not be completely hard at this time but it should hold together without too much trouble.  dig the sand away carefully from the mold and brush off the excess.  Lift the sand casting and gently put it in a dry area to cure for 24 hours. 


Summer flowers are great fun to press and use on cards and stationary. Pick somewhat flat flowers that are not too thick. Place them between paper towels in the pages of a big book, like an old encyclopedia or dictionary.  Close them and leave them alone for about 3 to 4 weeks. Carefully open the pages and extract the flattened, dried flowers and glue them onto cards and paper.

Kids summer crafts will keep the children and adults in the family busy when there really is nothing to do.  They are fun and the kids will always remember that summer when they made sand castings at the beach or painted the pots for the flowers on the front porch in the summer. Make an artistic memory for the whole family.