A healthy tree for a happy holiday.

Nothing is a more beautiful sight than a fully-decorated, living Christmas tree–but it can be a challenge to keep one happy. Keeping a Christmas tree alive is actually fairly simple, with just a little vigilance and know-how. If you’re considering a living tree this year, don’t make your investment without first checking out these tips on ensuring its happiness indoors!

Cut a quarter inch off the base of the trunk 4 hours after harvesting. This allows your tree to freely take in water.

Have your tree mounted in a water-holding catchment container attached to your tree stand. It’s important your tree is able to receive water, so don’t use a stand that has no means of providing water.

Have a transition zone. Before putting the tree in the living room, let it spend a couple weeks in the garage so it can acclimate to the indoors. You can put the tree inside a few days to a week before Christmas.

Be vigilant of the water level; you don’t want it dipping below the base you’ve cut, or it will seal and dry out the tree. A tree is likely to use up to a gallon of water a day, so plan accordingly.

Keep your tree away from sources of heat. Don’t put it next to the fireplace, heaters, or in direct sunlight. Note that the temperature of the water you use for the tree doesn’t matter.

Decorative lights that give off low heat will actually slow the drying process of the tree. Inspect lights before putting them on the tree to ensure safety; LED lights lower any risk of fire.

Know that a living tree isn’t meant to be indoors longer than 10 days!


Listen In for More Christmas Tree Care Tips:


Listen In for More Christmas Tree Care Tips: