Furnish your dream home from your smartphone.

If you can think it, there’s an app for it–and this includes whatever ambitions you have for your home. If you’re looking to remodel or redesign your home’s interior, there are many tools on Android and iOS that will help you. We’ve rounded up a handful of apps that will make it easy for you to realize your dream home.

Sherwin-Williams ColorSnap

Say goodbye to belaboring in front of the paint chips at your local home improvement store. ColorSnap lets you snap a photo of anything around you, which you can then take the color from to compare with more than 1,500 Sherwin-Williams colors. Once you have the color, you can set the hue and tone you’re looking for, and can even look up its name, RGB values and other useful information. ColorSnap is great for color-coordinating a room based on the furniture you already have: just snap it and save all the applicable colors that appeal to you to your own personal pallet.

Download for Android and iOS.


Take the showroom into your room! SnapShop not only lets you browse for furniture, but also lets you drop it directly into an of the room you’re thinking to put it in. Hold your device in front of you and drop any piece of furniture in your field of vision, wherever you want. Once your furniture is placed, you can also scroll through different colors and styles to see which looks best. This is the ideal app for when you’ve found something you like, but aren’t sure if it matches what you already have.

Download for iOS.

iHandy Level

When you’re mounting anything to the wall, it can be difficult to get a grasp on whether it’s hanging straight: you either have to take steps to assess the hanging yourself, or rely on someone else’s direction. Of course, a keeping a level around makes things easier–but what if you’re without one? By putting this level on your smartphone, you’ll always have one handy: just take it out of your pocket for a quick check. Out of all the levels available for your phone, this one’s undoubtedly prettiest.

Download for Android and iOS.

Mark On Call

Make detailed floor plans, shopping lists and textiles of rooms in your home (or the home of your dreams) with Mark On Call’s easy-to-use interface. Professional interior designers and hobbyists alike will enjoy experimenting with different home layouts, easy measurement tools and the ability to share and download others’ rooms for inspiration. Mark On Call’s “ten commandments of interior design” will give those with much to learn about interior design a little confidence in this fun app.

Download for iOS.

Houzz Interior Design Ideas

Houzz is like a lookbook for everything related to home improvement and interior design. Browse through photos of beautiful rooms and decor in full-screen, and save whatever catches your fancy to return to later. Once you have some ideas, Houzz lets you pick out some products you’ll need to complete a look as well as the professionals in your area who can help you realize your dream home.

Download for Android and iOS.