Tips on designing the perfect night of fright for friends or family.

Few holidays are more fun than Halloween, a subversive holiday that encourages dress-up, folklore and a bit of the macabre. There’s no better way to celebrate the holiday, then, than by throwing an awesome party! We have some tips for the decor, menu and even some activities in showing your friends a spooky time. Check them out below!


When envisioning your spooky soiree, begin with a simple color palette. You don’t want a gaudy and cliche orange-and-black affair; begin with an easy palette. Black and white is simple, elegant and mysterious. From there, you can choose a couple accents to work with the palette–dried autumnal flowers for instance, add a bit more color, while metals (like antiquated goblets or silverware) bring a touch of sophistication to the table.

Use the appropriate lighting for the mood you want to set. If you’re planning a dark, debaucherous festivities, you might use colored light bulbs (such as red for a particularly creepy atmosphere). But for a quiet and creepy Halloween sit-down, you simply have to go with candlelight–there’s no other option!

Have a focal point when decorating. As we said before, stray away from cheap, gaudy or cliche decorations throughout, and definitely don’t go overboard throughout your home. Just pick one focal point–the entrance, the coffee table–and go crazy! Focusing on one spot lets you consciously make an impression on your guests, and provides them with the very essential space for taking selfies.


A great Halloween party for adults doesn’t need childish games like bobbing for apples or pin-the-nose-on-the-witch; this year, invite your friends to do a little bit of dabbling in the dark arts. With the proper mood lighting and soundtrack, tarot readings can be a great way to thrill your guests. You don’t need any expertise or clairvoyant powers to do this–just a deck (even regular playing cards can work, though be sure to look up how each suit translates to tarot) and a tarot book (or Google!) will help you read the probable futures of friends and foes.

If you want something even spookier, don’t forget the classic Ouija board! Whether you believe in it or not, a Ouija board makes for a sometimes scary, sometimes funny activity among friends. Whose spirit will you conjure up? What will you discuss? 

Once you’ve worked up an appetite, it’s time to consider what you and your guests will be eating!


Themed food is a must! Guests will be delighted by their looks as much as their taste. Fancy some finger food? Serve your guests handfuls of severed witch fingers–a cute idea, yet definitely creepy to behold. When it’s dinner time, give guests a course of cauldron curry. There’s no toil and trouble over this devilishly good recipe, which can look quite ominous served in a small cauldron. For something even more filling, dine on Adam’s ribsWash it all down with some blueberry eyeball punch, a bloody refreshing drink. When it’s time for dessert, treat your friends to a haunted chocolate fudge cake so good it might raise the dead! We love the little meringue ghosts that dance atop its fudge-drizzled surface.