So many choices, here’s what to look for

First of all – the best time to buy a grill – even though you’ll see sales going on throughout the summer- August is ideal. But if you can’t wait- here are some pointers on how to shop and buy a grill so you can really enjoy that outdoor cookin’ and know you have purchased one that will perform and stand up to the elements.

How To Shop For A Grill

A Rust Proof Grill – You want a stainless steel grill that is so strong, when you try to put a magnet on it it won’t stick. It’s a trick I learned from our friends at Consumer Reports Magazine and the reason it works is the cheaper less durable stainless steel WILL hold that magnet – something you don’t want with your grill of your dreams!

A Grill to Suit Your Tastebuds – Charcoal, Gas or Electric – all three? There’s a lot of debate between hard-core backyard barbecuers about the merits of charcoal versus gas.. We’ll just clarify that charcoal grills favor the “low and slow” method of cooking which provides a smokey flavor, gas grills usually have a higher flame with less smoke, and electric grills are the fastest of the three with very little flavor added through the grill itself. The kind of grill you buy may also depend on your city code — many urban areas don’t allow propane grills, for example.

Don’t Be Fooled by BTU’s – Traditionally we have been told that you should look for a grill that produces around 100 BTUs per square inch. Unfortunately, this rule simply doesn’t apply anymore. What matters, when it comes to grills and BTUs, is how hot the grill gets, not how much fuel it burns.
The BTU rating is the maximum output of the primary or main burners, those burners under the cooking grate that you actually use for grilling. It is NOT the sum of all parts – meaning it’s not the BTU output of the side burner, rotisserie burner, smoker burner, sear burner, etc. Some manufacturers and retailers try to fool you into thinking a grill is much more powerful than it is by lumping all these burners together!

You Want Great Grates- A good grill is heavy, its metal parts, particularly the cooking grates, heat up and hold that heat. A good grill has small vents to let a controlled amount of air flow through the grill, holding in heat so it heats up quickly to a high temperature.

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