And How to Get Them Out of Your House?

The next time you think you see a flash in the corner of your eye, or you have that sensation that someone or something is watching you, Carla Meeske, a spiritual shaman offers this advice:

Trust your instincts, they may be right, and don’t let what may scare you get the upper hand. In other words, don’t let what you think may be a ghost ‘be the boss of you.’

Carla is frequently called upon to help cleanse homes of ghosts, poltergeists and things that may go bump in the night long after Halloween is passed.  For Diana Campbell and her family it was a case of connecting with their home remotely to speak to the ghosts that the family was convinced had been hanging out with them.  Here Carla talks about the steps involved and some of the other frightening cases she’s dealt with.

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