A cute mini bar is a fun, festive way to create a friendly environment to entertain your guests. Here are some great ways to go about making your party even better!

Light It Up

A nice mini bar feel can be created just by placing bottles underneath a spot in your kitchen or dining area with a nice overhead light. The glow from the bottles can help make a wonderful effect.

Small Space? Create Your Own Wall-Mounted Hutch

The ideal bar for a small space could be created with your own wall-mounted hutch cabinet. You can put a pair of shelves on the wall with a tall area to hang your glasses. Basically, you’re creating a lid on chains so that you can have it close like a laundry hamper. The lid to the box you build will fold down so it becomes your serving area. Make sure to add a catch latch so when the party’s over, you can easily put everything away.

Craving Creativity? What About Half A Table?

If you find a cute table at a thrift store that’s a little too small to be used another way, it could be perfect for creating a mini bar! You just cut it in half, so there’s 12″ to 14″ of the table, and hang it on a wall. Make sure you give it a nice coat of paint, and you’ll have a very cute one of a kind mini bar.

Secret Closet Bar

If you have an old closet that you’re not using, why not make this a secret mini bar? You can build a base cabinet underneath, maybe even plumb a sink. You can light with puck lights or cascade lights through the shelves. 

Repurpose A Used TV

You can find a flea market old TV and take out the guts of the tv to leave just the cabinetry behind. When you mount your bottles in there, what a cool retro look for your mini bar! 

Floating Shelves

You can screw in shelves with dowel rod anchors, wine bottles on one, liquor bottles on another. It’s easy to top it all off with a friendly chalkboard and a cute bar message.

Kitchen Carts / IKEA Carts

A great mobile way to take your mini bar to outdoor guests. You can always spray paint the cart to match your own decor. Live out your stewardess fantasies!

Library Card Catalogue

You can put a bottle in each drawer for a very neat retro look.

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