Miniature, Edible and More

Gardening is very personal and your chance to express your creativity, but like anything it’s fun to infuse your favorites with a few of the emerging trends. Keep an eye on these hot looks and feels for the garden and sample with them in your outdoor space.


    1. The Rose- Landscape rose varieties allow anyone to have the beauty of roses without the hassle – and for virtually year round color.


    1. Edibles –Growing your own food continues to be hot – from veggies to herbs and greens along with fruits and berries. Try containers if you lack space.


    1. Kids in the Garden -Getting kids outside more is continuing to be a big trend to off set technology and connect with nature. There are a number of kid-friendly gardening products on the market from mini wheelbarrows and rakes to window garden kits, there are ample opportunities to get kids in the garden.


    1. Houseplants are cool again. Not only do they help give you the look of the outdoors inside, and turn any average room into a home loved environment, these guys clean the air!


  1. Miniature Gardening. This is about downsizing your garden of your dreams in a miniature version. You can now find tiny varieties of plants so you can design a pint sized garden for your balcony or porch, even a mini arrangement to a mantel or desktop.