So you want to have a wedding in your home or backyard?

It is a great idea because not only will it make that big day even more sentimental and could save you a bundle of money –but if you don’t plan it out and do some cross budget analysis of what you will need for all the guests, from food, to port- a- potties to city noise ordinances to will your pastor or person officiating be able to do this from your home, it can suddenly become even more stressful.
Here are some things to consider:

Backyard Wedding How To

Backyard Wedding How To

Do You Need More Room for the I’Do’s?

Do You Have Space for The I Do’s and Your Guests? – A good rule is 6-10 feet of floor space for a rose of seating.
Hire a Wedding Coordinator for a Fresh Perspective of what you can and cannot do at your home
Tend to the Lawn – You might need a landscaper? Do you have time for plants to grow? You may want to rent plants
Will Your Wedding officiator consider your home legit to do the honors or must it be in the church according to them?
Guests May try to stay at your house! – Recommending a hotel nearby for all the extended folks.
Rent Oh Rama – You will need to rent everything from seating to barware to tables and place settings.
What about a generator – How will you accommodate the power to light a tent or provide power to the catering?
Have a caterer check out your kitchen – is it equipped for them to work – maybe you turn the garage into a makeshift set up?
You may need a permit – from fire inspection and electrical to parking ? The city may have restrictions on noise? You don’t want police to crash the wedding
The ground may not be level for the dance floor – the chairs or tables… Professional tent companies can decide if they need to put down a foundation or lay a floor directly on the ground. Other vendors need to see how to keep floral arrangements and the cake table from flipping over.
A lot of toilet flushing for that party – You will need port-a-potties because you can count on three flushes for every guest. Most septic tanks can’t handle that. The good news is port-a-potties have gone glam.
Save on Decorations – mix and match what you have – garden lamps , paper lanterns, tiny white lights on branches make a gorgeous atmosphere.
Have a Plan B – What if the weather calls for rain suddenly ? Do you have a covering if there is a downpour?
The Neighbors need to be in on the loop – Make sure everyone knows about the wedding plans – and invite them to the party –
What about street parking or can a nearby school or church handle the overflow?
Make sure your homeowners insurance covers the beating this will take on your home. You may want to consider a supplemental policy.
In the end, it is a great way to go – just be prepared and keep it in perspective!

diy backyard wedding

DIY Backyard Wedding

backyard wedding tips

Backyard Wedding Tips

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