How Clean is Your Home?

Try to guess the dirtiest place in your home! Here’s a clue…it’s not the toilet! Here’s a list of the top ten dirtiest places in your home. We’ll tell you where the biggest culprits are and how to get that bacteria out of your house!

Handles and Doorknobs

Think about the number of times the cabinet handles and doorknobs are used in your home. Of course they would be germ magnets! Thankfully, cleaning them is easy. Just use clorox wipes to disinfect each knob in your home at least once a week. More often during cold and flu season and if you have young kids running around your home.

The Toilet

Although it’s may not be the dirtiest spot in your home, the toilet does harbor some serious bacteria. Use a liquid cleaner in the bowl. Scrubbing Bubbles works great! Let it sit for 5-10 minutes, then go in with a bowl scrubber/brush and scrub away stains until clean. Flush to rinse residue. Use a disinfectant like Lysol and a rag or sponge and wipe the exterior clean.

The Bathtub

Run the shower for a few minutes to loosen grime that may be caked on (gross!). Turn off the shower and spray foaming soap all over the tub. Let this sit for 5-10 so it can work its magic. Use a scrubbing brush or sponge and go to town, scrubbing your tub clean until it sparkles and shines! Run the shower again to rinse the bubbles and residue.

Kitchen and Bathroom Floors

These areas get a lot of foot traffic and it’s important to sweep and mop them often. I recommend sweeping a couple times a week and mopping once a week. Swiffer Sweepers make this task easy and fast.

Ceiling Fans

A sneaky culprit! No one thinks of the ceiling fan! Those blades will collect dust particles until you dust them! and if you don’t, once you turn on the fan, all that dust will be suddenly spread throughout the air. This is a nightmare for allergy sufferers! Don’t let it happen to you. Tip: Use a damp rag to collect dust instead of a feather duster.

These are a few of the biggest germ heroes! Concentrate on the kitchen and bathroom for cleaning, especially during flu season, as these locations often harbor more moisture than the rest of the house. Bacteria (and other pesky pests) thrive in these conditions.

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