Adults like to dress up for Halloween, too. Have some ghoulish but grown-up fun with these great Halloween party ideas.

Costume parties for adults are some of the best fun to be had. Dressing up like your favorite celebrity, hero or zombie is a great excuse to get together with friends and family. Throw in some food and spirits (of the fluid kind) and you’ve got a perfect Halloween party for adults. Try these ideas:

Set a theme

To inspire creative costumes or make it easier on guests, choose a theme for your Halloween party. A few possibilities? Villains and superheroes, sports figures or how about the classic murder mystery party. Check out this post from Divine Dinner Party for more ideas. Or host a crime lab Halloween party and carry the theme all the way through with a few games like scavenger-hunt activities with clues. Use beakers to serve drinks or vials for “shots.” Petri dishes are great for serving nuts, mints, butter or sauces. Hang plenty of caution or crime scene tape and be sure to have a mugshot photo booth.

Dress up food and drink

Serve up your spirits with some spirit. There are plenty of ways to make your drinks more fun when you’re combining Halloween and adult beverages. Aside from the beakers and vials, you can put Jell-o shots in syringes (and even have a mad doctor bartender) or serve up drunken gummy bears, your favorite gelatin candy soaked in your equally favorite spirit, usually vodka. Of course, for Halloween, those little bears might be too cute. But worms? Oh, yea.

Dress up how you serve food and drinks. By placing a clear plastic bowl inside a large pumpkin, you can make a great ice bucket or drink holder. Or tap your pumpkin to make it into a pumpkin sangria keg. You’ll have to clean it out and let it sit for a few days before drilling a hole for your beer faucet, but what a clever way to serve up a seasonal drink. And add pumpkin flavoring to any favorite drink, from white Russians to martinis.

Depending on how tough your crowd is, make your food service fun and with a ghoul level all its own. A carved pumpkin can “serve” a dip such as guacamole right out its own mouth, if you know what we mean. Or place cuts of medium-rare meat on skewers with a nice red sauce for zombie appetizers. Make a cannibal meat and cheese tray. Just purchase a small plastic skeleton from a party or hobby store, lay it out on a large serving platter and fill the cavity with plenty of yummy sliced meat. Place some sliced cheese selection around the outside. You can also make your favorite dip or Jello in a brain or skeleton mold. Just be sure to thoroughly clean your skeletons and brains before adding food. For molds, spray with cooking spray.

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The good news with adult Halloween parties is that you can have the added edge you have to watch when children are present. A little bit of wicked fright in the night adds to the fun!