Macabre meals and treats the whole family will love!

October is the season of Halloween entertaining; the holiday just isn’t complete without costume parties, trick-or-treating and scary movie marathons. If you’re hosting such an event this fall, try out some of these sinister and spooky snacks and drinks to really scare your guests! From witches’ brew to eyeballs, we’ve got it all!


1. Bone Crackers

You could make a whole skeleton out of these tortilla chips! All you need to do to make these is cut tortillas into bone shapes, then brush on some butter and garlic salt before baking.

2. Spiced Candy Corn Crispies

Candy corn can get old fast, so why not try this design for a sweet, rice cereal treat from Food & Wine? This candy corn-colored snack is spiced with cumin, chili powder, coriander, cayenne and more–both sweet and savory!

3. Red Velvet Cake Balls With White Chocolate

Bake a plate of disembodied eyeballs – another treat from Food & Wine! We love the look of this hauntingly delicious Halloween treat–and kids will too!

4. Brew-Ha-Ha Punch

This witch’s brew is spooky and tasty, with lime and pineapple flavors! A sugary-sweet punch that kids and adults will love, try mixing up this simple green concoction for the costume party.

5. Mulled Red Wine

A staple of autumn entertaining, mulled wine warms the body and is perfect for sharing with best friends. This recipe uses fennel seeds, cinnamon and muscovado  sugar. It’s pretty simple, and deserves a sip on late October’s chillier nights.

6. Dark and Stormies

A provocative name for a refreshing delight! This drink is super simple, involving only ginger beer, rum and lime juice. Serve it with ginger beer ice cubes for added taste.

7. Blood Orange Margaritas

Here’s a potent potion for adults! These margaritas are popping with color and citrus flavor (and high on vitamins!) Throw together some tequila, triple sec and orange juice for a drink your guests will love.

8. Bloody Black Currant Punch

Pitch black as the scariest of nights, this punch is spiked and sweet! Stir together some brandy, sugar, currant nectar and seltzer in a bowl for this terrifying tonic–so easy!

9. Puff Pastry Witches’ Brooms

This puff pastry recipe is as cute as it is savory and tasty! Twist the ends to make them resemble a witch’s most reliable tool–perfect for kids, but with a taste anyone can enjoy. Season as you wish.

10. Goblin Dip

Here’s a Southwestern dip that’ll go great with your DIY bone crackers or witches’ brooms! Made from chili, refried beans, cream cheese and more, this dip’s got a fun flavor for Halloween festivities.

11. Spicy Cheddar Witch Fingers

Another bewitching snack, these cheese crackers are shaped into witch fingers–and make great table decorations before eating!

12. Toasted Curry Pumpkin Seeds

Savory and simple, you can’t go wrong with toasted pumpkin seeds! Throw on some curry powder to add an extra bit of kick to this fall classic.

13. Mini Spiced Pumpkins

Could any list of Halloween food and drink be complete without pumpkin spice? No! We love these cute, mini spiced pumpkins–complete with a stem! These spiced pumpkins just might be the perfect seasonal treat!