Before holiday guests arrive, make your guest bedroom a bath into a welcoming retreat with a dozen tips and tricks.

You can make your overnight guests feel extra special this holiday season—or any time of year—with a few extra touches in your guest bedroom and bath.

Start with clean, fresh linens. After you’ve washed and dried the linens, you can always spritz them with a linen spray. But don’t go overboard on the scent.

Provide extra pillows. Everyone has different pillow preferences – firm, sort and fluffy, big or small. And plenty of sleepers like an extra one for propping up or supporting an arm during the night. Add a few to the bed or a closet shelf, already covered with cases, so your guests don’t have to ask.

Put in a night light. Your guests don’t have to use the light, but a small glow in the bedroom or living area is a nice touch when in unfamiliar surroundings.

Pick some fresh flowers. When there is less blooming this time of year, an arrangement of fresh pine boughs or flowers from a local shop make a nice alternative to flowers from your own garden. Just a simple arrangement by the bed is all you need to show you took some extra time to add to your guest’s comfort.

Stock the bathroom. Be sure your guests have plenty of toilet tissue, facial tissues, soaps and gels and stock the shower with shampoo and conditioner. It also helps to have a few spares on hand for those inevitable items everyone forgets when they travel: small tubes of toothpaste, cotton balls, shavers or make-up wipes, lotion and make-up remover, even a toothbrush.

Stock the bedroom, too. Provide a few supplies, such as paper, a pen and pencil and a few good magazines or books to read. A pair of scissors in the room always comes in handy. Books about your local area are particularly interesting to out-of-state guests.

Make a nice reading environment. Of course, your guests might want to read their own books. Provide a nice lamp by the bed and a bedside table for book, water, phone or clock. And these days, you also need to make sure guests have access to an outlet and your WiFi code. Why not leave the info in the bedroom?

Plush it up. It’s hard to avoid throwing the hand-me-downs from the master bedroom into the guest room, especially if you have a multipurpose room that only hosts guest a few nights out of the year. But make the sleeping and bath area extra nice with a warm alternative down comforter in winter, a ceiling fan to help control the room temperature, and plush bath towels.

Take it to the next level. Want to really make your guests feel welcome? Leave a bottled water and a few snacks in the room, or set up a small coffee station like in a hotel room. Your guests can enjoy coffee in bed without bothering anyone else in the house if they’re early risers.

Give them some room. Even if you’re having to share an office space/guest room, be sure to clear out a dresser drawer and hanging space in the closet for your guests. Provide a corner for luggage storage or a small stand for their bags if you have no dresser or a small coat rack or portable rack if the room has no closet.

Supply local info. If your guests plan to venture out on their own during their stay, have a few maps or brochures from your local tourism department on hand, along with a disposable camera.

Make a place for trash. Finally, make sure there is a trash can in the bedroom or bath, or both! Give your guests a place to clean up their small messes, and let them know your preference for handling their linens as they leave, so they don’t feel awkward about stripping or making up beds.


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