Appease your guests with a beautiful, welcoming and private oasis.

It’s summertime, which means you might be expecting guests to share some fun in the sun with. Keeping a private guest bathroom provides guests with a private place to take care of their business–including getting ready for a night out or some relaxing downtime alone–and if space allows, you may want to spruce up a bathroom for this purpose. But you can’t throw one together hastily; you want a clean, inviting space where guests can feel at home. Here’s some tips on how you can provide the best experience for your guests with a private bathroom.

Have All the Essentials

You want to stock up your guest bathroom with enough essentials for each of them. Will you be accommodating a single guest, or a couple? Will you need enough supplies for three?

Supply two towels, wash cloths and hand towels for each guest to ensure they’ll be able to dry off and wash with clean, fresh linens–and don’t forget a box of tissues and toilet paper! Guests will also be grateful to have their own loofah and sponge, and if you want to go the extra mile, have bathrobes available to your guests for a spa treatment. While guests may bring their own toiletries, supplying one bar of soap for each is recommended.

Some reading material–a few magazines or a “bathroom book”–can’t hurt either.

Provide Extras

Speaking of toiletries, keep a batch of all the essential products on-hand in case anyone forgets or needs extra. Stock up on things like disposable razors, hair spray, toothpaste, shampoos and anything you find yourself using in your daily routine. Keeping these within your guest’s reach–say, a basket or tray tucked away in the bathroom–allows them to help themselves without having to ask. Remember, guests will likely bring some of their own toiletries, so keep your countertop clutter-free so there is space for them to put down (and comfortably apply) their own belongings.

Make it a Spa Experience

Pamper your guests by giving them a basket of treats such as candles, oils and lotions. Because you may not know your guests’ allergies or tastes, don’t keep anything too heavily scented in the bathroom–these scents can be overpowering. Keep your spa materials closed or wrapped, and put them somewhere where your guests can make the choice to use them.

Bring it to Life

Don’t keep your walls white or bland! There are two popular approaches for bathroom walls, each with different effects on your guests: pale colors (grays, pale blue or greens) can be relaxing for baths and showers, while vibrant walls (yellow, orange) can help guests wake up in the morning with a kick. Choose the effect you want to pull off and paint accordingly.

As for lighting, it’s ideal to have an overhead light as well as closer lights that allow your guests to do detail work like applying makeup or shaving. If you are able, tie the lights to a dimmer so your guest can keep things bright or transition to dimmer, mood lighting in the bath.

Finally, add a little bit of art on the wall to brighten up the space, and throw in a plant or fresh-cut flowers to keep things feeling fresh.

Keep Things Clean

Before your guests arrive, scrub the place from head to toe. Check the tub, toilet, sink, cabinets–everywhere! The state of a bathroom is the easiest way for a guest to judge your housekeeping, and you want to provide the best experience you can.