For the Holidays

You are invited to a big holiday party and want to take a gift to your host or hostess, but what should you choose to bring? Sure, you could bring wine or flowers and even candy, but you want to be a little different. You want to stand out and be remembered. The following gifts will make sure your host or hostess will always remember you and you don’t have to break the bank to either buy or create them.


Instead of bringing a bouquet of flowers or a fresh arrangement, bring a live planter. Norfolk pines make a great holiday gift. The trees do not grow too high too quick and you can put light ornaments on their wispy evergreen branches. Bring an evergreen wreath your host or hostess can put on their front door or make a wreath they can put on an inside wall or door. Use silk holly and poinsettias to make a beautiful wreath or make a kitchen wreath with dried herbs that can be plucked of and used in cooking. You can even set up an herb garden in a basket or indoor window box that is placed in a sunny window and the recipient can have fresh herbs all winter.


It is nice to bring wine that everyone at the party can have, but it is permissible to bring a wine just for your host to save for a special occasion. Bring the wine in a cute wine tote and include some monogrammed wine glasses or some wine charms for glasses they might already have. Wine charms are a great accessory for glasses because guests always know which glass is there because of the color or other identifying marks on the wine charm. How many times do you put your wine down on a table while talking to other guests and forget where you put it? Bring a unique wine. Ice wine is a lovely wine made from grapes after they have frozen in the north. It is very sweet and flavorful and really expensive, but worth it.

Gifts of Food

Most hosts and hostesses enjoy getting a basket or other container full of goodies for the holiday season. Macaroons are lovely French cookies that are crispy and delicate with an interesting flavor. They come in little paper cups and are decidedly very elegant. Petit fors are another gift that everyone can enjoy along with holiday inspired marzipan. Make a food basket with different cheese, meats, and crackers or opt for an olive basket with different types of olives for the olive lover. An Italian or Greek basket is always nice with specialties from either country. Put the Italian one in a big pasta bowl and the Greek gift on a big platter. Make homemade fudge, sugar plums and other favorite homemade candy. Modern day sugar plums are easy to make and fudge is super easy, done in the microwave. Hard tack, nut brittles, candied nuts, and caramels are a little harder to create, but worth the effort. Put a gift in a jar and place a handmade label on it. Make a cocoa mix, cookie mix, brownie mix, soup mix. The dry ingredients are layered in the jar and the recipient only has to add the wet ingredients to make a treat. Decorate the jar with fabric and ribbon for a great gift.

Other Gifts

Other ideas include matching the host or hostesses interests to the gift. The amateur chef will love to have a kitchen assortment of all types of kitchen utensils and tools along with an apron. The reader will love a book basket with several interesting titles and a gift card to a book store. The writer will love stationary, quill pens or other pens and different types of paper. Try a coffee and tea basket with pretty tea cups or mugs and an infuser or French coffee press.

Host and Hostess gifts can be as big and as small as you wish. The thought is what counts. They are giving you a great time at a good party, so it is only proper you don’t come empty handed. Give a great gift and you won’t be missing any of their future parties.