When a door closes and a window opens is sometimes only part of the story – what if the view from that window is less than perfect?

Or, what if that window reveals more of you than you’d like? Maybe the giant ball of sunshine that comes through all day is a bit much. There are solutions.

Window film, a plastic, decorative window covering, is a quick and inexpensive, DIY, peel and stick project that looks great and can change your view of things in a matter of minutes.

Over Exposed?

Great big windows are a wonderful asset… unless you have looky-loo neighbors. Being neighborly is fine, but sometimes we want to keep our business private. Window film works well in rooms where you want privacy, but still want to let natural light in.

Window film is a great alternative to window treatments for hard-to-fit windows, too. Things like entry door sidelights or odd-sized windows that can be so frustrating to cover. An application of window film will not only get you the privacy you want, but a great new look, too. Check out some of the many decorative options — etched patterns, frosted glass, rice paper, geometric shapes and even stained glass designs. There’s sure to be a pattern or theme that you will love.

Mellow Harsh Rays

Who doesn’t like a warm, sunny day? That is, until a solar flare makes it impossible to see the TV or computer screen. Windows that face west will get a lot of afternoon sun which can heat up the room and make your air conditioner work harder, too. That same sun can fade upholstery and carpeting. The good news is many window films come with UV protection, keeping the harsh sunlight from damaging furniture and reducing glare, but still allowing natural sunlight into the room. Because it insulates the glass, it may also help reduce energy costs. And the patterns are a whole lot more attractive than slathering SPF 50 on your glass.

Improve Your View

Let’s face it, bad views sometimes come with a house or apartment. If you’re getting tired of looking at the your neighbor’s trash cans, the blank side of the garage or the convenience store across the street, then window film just might be the answer. For less than $30 a roll, for most styles, it’s a whole lot cheaper than moving.

Note: Don’t confuse a decorative window film with safety film, the type used to protect glass from shattering in hurricane country. Make sure to read the manufacturer’s recommendations before buying.

Easy to Install


  1. Scissors
  2. Squeegee (width determined by window pane size)
  3. Metal straight edge or metal T-square
  4. Utility knife and extra blades
  5. Clean Spray bottle filled with water


  1. Cut the window film to fit the size of the window. It’s always better to cut a little on the fat side, about a ½ inch.
  2. Spray the window with water, then carefully remove the backing from cut window film and lay it over the window. Use the squeegee to flatten the film and remove any air bubbles. (Here’s the tricky part that gets some people in trouble – don’t stretch the window film.) Smooth out from the center of the window and toward the edge to removes any bubbles.
  3. Use straight edge and utility knife to trim off the excess film around the windows. The film will shrink slightly as it dries which is why it’s important not to stretch it during application.

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