Putting an end to clutter is a never ending battle.

My husband and I have this joke – When will I get rid of my Dad’s slides and my old videos as a news reporter.  And I tell Bill when he gets rid of his comic books and collectible T-Shirts!   Truth is, neither of us will “get rid” of these things but we will downsize and it’s key to do that so you have clarity and sanity throughout the home and the garage included.

My sponsor Gladiator Garage Works has just introduced something very cool I wanted to share because I feel it empowers all of us throughout the home to be confident about stroing things in an intelligent and creative way.  I love this new Rack Shelving that is a brilliant solution to successfully clear those things you have no clue where they should or could go!  The reality is that organization and clutter go way beyond the garage and find their way ( conveniently) into every room of the home.  That’s why this Rack Shelving is so cool because it works in ALL areas of the home, from the Mud Room, to the Kitchen to the basement.

I hope you can join me for a fun conversation on all of this , Wednesday April 4th from 5-6 PM PST/8-9 PM EST and we’ll share stories on organization challenges and solutions.  Plus you will have the change to win 25 Dollar gift prizes, and the grand prize of a Gladiator Rack Shelving unit!

Join our conversation about home storage solutions and the benefits of staying organized during National Garage Organization Month for a chance to win $25 gift prizes toward Gladiator GarageWorks product and the new Rack Shelving. On Twitter follow the conversation happening at #GladiatorGW & #NGOM and my Twitter page – https://twitter.com/#!/CindyDole

See you then!