Easter Egg Hunting Fun

The classic and eternal Easter Egg hunt is one of those experiences you never forget.  And while the hunt is often more fun than what you find at the end, here are ways to make it different, memorable and fun for all ages. Use Plastic Eggs and fill them with notes, certificates, candy, money , or blank pieces of a puzzle you buy to be assembled after the hunt– and then try one of these many creative ways to hunt for them!

Turn the Egg Hunt into a Pirate Like Treasure Hunt – Map and All – Yes the plastic eggs are dug in ground.

Obstacle Course Hunt – Hunt, then Bunny Hop, then Hunt, then some other activity to prolong the fun
Bunny Parade- Kids wear Bunny Ears during the hunt
Try having everyone collect all the eggs – The Child’s color is assigned prior but not revealed until after so the winner is a big surprise.
Hunt in the dark – paint the eggs with glow in dark paint, and search with flashlights – It’s now a slumber party

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Fun Easter Egg Hunts for the Entire Family