Every Pool Party Doesn’t Have to be Tiki Themed! We’re Thinking of New Ways to Celebrate by the Pool

Pirate Pool Party
The kids will love this one! Kick off the festivities with treasure map invitations that lead right to your pool! You might even consider hand delivering the invites in a bottle for added flair! Even the parents will praise your creativity. On the big day, kids can play pirate themed parties in the pool. Kids can “walk the plank,” and search for underwater treasure! Fill take-home bags with all sorts of pirate themed goodies! Or red and black items! This party is sure to be a blast.

Girls’ Pamper Party
Hire a nail technician for the day and treat every girl to a mani-pedi! Serve desert by the pool: chocolate covered strawberries, cupcakes and/or ice cream! Add pink towels and pillow to your lounge chairs to make them even more comfortable. To top it all off send your guests home with a pail filled with nail polish, face masks and other luxurious goodies!