Have a little time and even less money? Update a room in your home with a quick, easy and inexpensive decorating project.

Updating or improving the look or your home can be a daunting prospect. You always seem to run out of money, time or both! But try a few of these ideas for quick and easy decorating projects and you’ll be amazed how changes to one piece of furniture or a single wall can improve the look of an entire room.

Make a few throw pillows

Brighten up a bedroom or living area with a few coordinating throw pillows. Buy the form and fabric at any craft store and find an online tutorial for sewing your own cover. Or go on a fun shopping trip for clearance pillows. Varying size, shape, and solid with patterns adds to the look, so they don’t all have to match, making discount shopping easy.

Pull out your unused frames

Got a blank wall that needs some help? Search your closets and gather up all of the unused frames sitting on shelves and in boxes. Choose a color that will work for the wall you want to dress up and buy a can of spray paint. Lay out all of the empty frames and paint them to match. Now, fill the frames with antique postcards or maybe postcards from family vacations. Other ideas? Matching greeting cards to create a theme, like coastal scenes for a restroom, Georgia O’Keefe flowers in a sunroom or Impressionist masters in your coffee bar area. The picture floats in the frame like a shadowbox.

Update some lampshades

When you walk into a room, it’s the shade that usually pops, not the base, unless you have a really artful lamp. In either case, you might need a new shade to modernize a room or better match style and color. Be sure to choose a shade wider than the lamp and with the correct mounting style. Or update the shade yourself by covering it with fabric. You’ll need heavy-duty fabric spray glue and a trim that coordinates with the fabric.

Hang some wallpaper

Who says you have to wallpaper an entire room, or even a wall, for that matter? Choose one small accent wall and add wallpaper to just that wall. You’ll save in cost, especially if you find a remnant that you love. Even easier, especially if you rent and face restrictions? Cover a piece of plywood in wallpaper, finish the edges, and lean or mount it for decorative effect. Use wallpaper on the insides of bookshelves, hutches and nooks for a pop of color. If you don’t want to paper permanently, find a rigid piece of cardboard, cut it to size, and make sure it fits the space before covering it in the paper and placing inside.

Throw down a runner

Table or rug runner, that is. A small touch of fabric on a table or floor adds texture, color, and often the sense of length or flow to a drab table, buffet or hallway. Table runners can add seasonal or holiday touches. And do something different, like running two side by side, or buying three or four short runners on sale and placing them across the width of your table instead of lengthwise. Make a coordinating centerpiece using a long serving dish and fresh or artificial fruit.

Add seating

Build your own bench out of re-purposed materials, such as an old headboard or pallets. Or take an inexpensive bench with no backrest, just wide enough for seating, and set it up against the wall. Cut a piece of plywood the same length, add batting and cover it in fabric. Mount it to the wall behind the bench and you’ve just created your own breakfast nook seating area!

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