No cutting necessary!

The pumpkin is a staple for Halloween decorating, but a problem we’ve all faced is how to keep it from decomposing before the trick-or-treaters arrive! It’s no secret that cutting into or carving a pumpkin drastically reduces how long it will keep fresh, which means whole pumpkins will last longer on your porch or in your centerpiece. For long-lasting pumpkins–or a safer crafting alternative for kids–check out these carve-free pumpkin decoration ideas!

1.  Donut Pumpkin

This idea is cuter than it is spooky–turn your mini pumpkins into donuts! All it takes is a little bit of easy painting. Check out the tutorial for making a bakers’ dozen of them over at Studio DIY.

2. Ribbon Pumpkins

This is an incredibly simple and classy way to decorate a pumpkin sans cutting–and another project that goes best with miniatures. Simply wrap a single decorative ribbon around the circumference of each pumpkin, using double-stick tape to keep it affixed. Throw your ribbon pumpkins in a bowl or basket for a centerpiece!

3. Giant’s Eyeball

Take a tip from Boo Turtle and put a scary giant’s eyeball on your lawn by painting a large, round pumpkin! Start with a coat of white, then add a big iris and pupil in the center. Don’t forget to draw some red veins around it!

4. The Crayon Dip Pumpkin

Melt crayons with a hair dryer so they drip down on a white pumpkin! You’ll just need to glue the crayons around the stem, then give them a blow! Choose colors that go well together–some varying shades of red and maybe black could look bloody!–or go with a rainbow. Check out the tutorial here.

5. The Bloody Pumpkin

And now for something vampiric: the bloody pumpkin! Take white miniature pumpkins, and add some red puff paint around the base of the stem. Add enough to pool around the stem, then drip some down the crevices of the pumpkin’s skin!

6.  A Tangled Web

For this super-easy project, you’ll just need twine and some small plastic spiders. Wrap twine around a pumpkin to make it look like a tangled-up spider’s web, then add the plastic spider–voila!

7. The Phantom

Do you know those Phantom of the Opera-style masks you can find for cheap at craft and dollar stores? Buy one, and dress it up however you’d like–sequins, feathers, whatever–and then cut out some eyes and a mouth from a magazine. Add your cut-out facial parts to the pumpkin, then give it the mask. You’ll be left with a playfully creepy face! See how Alpha Mom did it here!

8.  Chalkboard Painted Pumpkin

Do you know that we love chalkboard paint? You can use it for everything–including pumpkin decoration. Paint the entire pumpkin, then draw any design or message you’d like. Go for a black cat’s face, or write a spooky message! These pumpkins can be used as signage to direct trick-or-treaters and–of course–can be erased and re-drawn.

9. Decoupage It

Turn any pumpkin into a true work of art. You’ll want to use faux pumpkins for this project. Simply Mod Podge whatever patterns or images you’d like onto the pumpkin–or even decoupage some leaves! Find out how to decoupage here.

10. Go Antique

For a beautiful indoor display, spray paint a batch of pumpkins with metallic colors and finishes. Just cover the stems with tape so they stay paint-free. Then group pumpkins of various sizes with different colors–brass, copper, silver and more–for an antique-inspired autumnal decoration.

11. Bedazzle!

Bedazzle and glitter that pumpkin up! Use adhesive rhinestones or hot glue sequins straight onto the pumpkin, following its natural crevices. For glittering, brush glue onto the skin and just sprinkle it on. You’ve got some blinged up pumpkins!

12. A Giant Spider

For this spooky project, you’ll want three pumpkins in different sizes: a small, medium and large. Line them up by size so the small is in the front and the large is in the back. The medium-sized pumpkin will be your spider’s torso; stick some branches into it for legs, then add a face to the small pumpkin. This is great for crawling on stoops or a sloped lawn!

13. The Sexy Gothic Pumpkin

Take white pumpkins and put them in fishnet stockings! Use old fishnets, or buy a cheap pair. Cut stockings at their half-way points so you’re left with four halves. Wrap each around a white pumpkin, tying at the stem. This project is Cindy’s favorite, and is currently on display on her porch!


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Images courtesy of Booturtle and Alpha Mom